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Phoenix - 1st Review


Blake Stone

Washington D.C. - 1st Review


March 14th, 2019

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Coverboy Tom of Phoenix

Tom of Phoenix


I Was Able To Get My Shopping Caught Up Today

By Daddy

Cyberspace — After several days of sleeping around the clock last night reverted back to normal. I was able to get lots much needed shopping down: Vitamins from GNC, Medications for the next quarter, Grocery shopping for another batch of Chicken-Egg salad, and Gas for the Car. The smell of the chicken broth cooking down is wonderful! I'm doing much better but I can't say the same for the bank account.

To all those that have donated thank you! About a third of March is taken care of. I had to dip into my reserves which are now at the 12% level. At this time I have about 3/4 of a months reserves left. Any help is appreciated.

Out.com Queer-Owned Barbershops

Queer People Are Changing the Toxic Culture of Barbershops

By Jamilah King

New York City, NY — I have many intimate childhood memories involving hair. Whether it was sitting on the floor between my mom or older sister’s knees as they wrangled my thick mane into neat ponytails, or settling in for the hours-long process of my mom visiting a neighbor’s house to get box or French braids. (More)


College Admission Scandal Grew Out of a System That Was Ripe for Corruption

By Rick Eckstein

United States — A teenage girl who did not play soccer magically became a star soccer recruit at Yale. Cost to her parents: $1.2 million. A high school boy eager to enroll at the University of Southern California was falsely deemed to have a learning disability so he could take his standardized test with a complicit proctor who would make sure he got the right score. Cost to his parents: at least $50,000. (More)

Morgan Rielly - Didn't Utter Gay Slur

Maple Leafs' Reilly Didn't Utter Gay Slur at Official

By Associated Press

Toronto, Canada — Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly didn't direct a gay slur at referee Brad Meier during the game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL said Tuesday after an investigation. (More)

Gay Star News

Native PFLAG Hosts First Two Spirit, LGBTI Powwow At An Arizona Community College

By Rafaella Gunz

Phoenix, AZ — The Native chapter of PFLAG hosted their Two Spirit Powwow at Phoenix’s South Mountain Community College. At the event, the male and female categories were taken out and dancers were welcome to dance in whatever categories they wanted. This Powwow was designed to be a safe space for the Native LGBTI community. (More)

queerty.com Eddie Lzzard - Boyz In The Wood

Eddie Izzard Plays A Deranged Serial Killer In The New Horror-comedy Flick ‘Boyz In The Wood’

By Daniel Villarreal

Hollywood — Self-described “straight transvestite and male lesbian“ Eddie Izzard plays a psychopathic aristocrat who hunts down three high school degenerates and their straight-laced classmates in Boyz in the Wood, a horror comedy film that premiered at the 2019 SXSW Conference & Festivals in Austin, Texas. (More)

I Lost All My Gay Role Models to AIDS — Be Grateful You Won’t Lose Yours

By Davvid Toussaint

Cyberspace — Not long ago, a gay 20-something told me that, as a 54-year-old unmarried man, I had no business giving advice to members of his generation. (More)

365 Gay Greeks Come True

6 Amazing Reasons to Go Greek

By Christopher Harrity

Cyberspace — The guys at Greeks Come True make a tasteful yearly calendar about these mythologically attractive young men. And now there is the Making Of... video. (More)