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Oliver Saks

Detroit - 8th Review



Washington D.C. - 127th Review


Mark Parker

New York City - New Locale


March 12th, 2019

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Coverboy Oliver Saks of Detroit

Oliver Saks of Detroit


Feeling A Bit Better

By Daddy

Cyberspace — Usually I get up every couple hours to visit the bathroom and I take a hot shower if I'm in pain. Last night I only got up twice and I'm feeling a bit better today. Today we're at just over 1,600 reviews and I'm making progress on the second of the three screens that are my current goal. It's a good day.

To all those that have donated thank you! About a third of March is taken care of. I had to dip into my reserves which are now at the 12% level. At this time I have about 3/4 of a months reserves left. Any help is appreciated.

Out.com Hector Xtravaganza Day

The Mayor of New York City Made Saturday "Hector Xtravaganza Day"

By Mikelle Street

New York City, NY — On Saturday the auditorium of El Museo Del Barrio in New York City was full of members of the ballroom and nightlife communities to pay homage to Hector Xtravaganza who died on December 30, 2018. (More)

Take a Break! 7 Items to Pack for Your Spring Getaway

By Andrew Villagomez

Cyberspace — As we enter the final stretch of winter, its time to take that spring break trip! Whether you are headed to Florida for Tampa Bay Pride or Miami Beach Pride, or overseas for Tokyo Rainbow Pride, here's what you need to pack. (More)

TowelRoad.com Michael Carroll - New Book

Michael Carroll’s New Book is a Paean to Love with Partner Edmund White, Sex, and Key West

By Savas Abadsidis

Cyberspace — “A lot of personal history is part of that, but what I’m talking about now is adult love, passion, the need for another, a companion, not someone who’d fulfill my perverted desires, just someone there,” is something writer Michael Carroll believes about sex as creative fuel, late-in-life success, adapting your process to suit your circumstances, and what it means to write in public spaces. (More)

Gay Star News

Locals Blocking Plans For LGBTI Senior Home Say It's 'In No Way' Homophobic

By Josh Milton

New Yourk City, NY — The battle to open New York City’s first affordable LGBTI senior home is on, as some New Yorkers are attempting to block the plans. While queer pensioners will soon have access to homes in Brooklyn and the Bronx, Manhattan might be awhile coming, the Daily Beast reported. (More)

queerty.com Greg Louganis - Diving Into Murky Waters

A Teenager Made A Film About Greg Louganis And HIV. Guess Who Watched It.

By Mark King/h2>

New York City, NY — When Ella Johnson made a video documentary about Greg Louganis for her National History Day project, she knew most of her fellow students would be shocked. Ella is a high school freshman in Whitehall, a very small town on the west coast of Michigan. (More)

Pink News

Captain Marvel Is For Gay People, The Internet Says

By Staff

Hollywood — The first Marvel film to put a female superhero front-and-centre stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, a warrior who crash-lands on Earth after leaving her home planet. (More)

365 Gay Cuban Men By Kevin Slack

41 Photos Show Cuban Men, Relaxed and Mostly Undressed, by Kevin Slack

By Christopher Harrity

Cuba — . While that country is tilted on the edge of change, Kevin continues to return, trying to uncover the restless and vital spirit of Cuba and Cuban men. While he focuses mainly on Havana, Kevin has traveled the island from Pinar del Rio to Holguin. (More)