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Ryan Steel

New York City - 41st Review



Dallas - 3rd Review


March 4th, 2019

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Coverboy Ryan Steel of New York City

Ryan Steel of New York City


Another Good Weekend

By Daddy

Cyberspace — The weather has warmed up, by back has relented and I was able to get the first of three screen to the point where it saves the test data. The 2nd & 3rd screens are coming up but need to be finished.

To all those that have donated thank you! February has been taken care of. I had to dip into my reserves which are now at the 12% level. At this time I have about 3/4 of a months reserves left. Any help is appreciated.

Out.com Joe Jonas - The Favourite

The New Jonas Brothers Video Is a Straight Version of The Favourite

By Rose Dommu

Hollywood — When the Jonas Brothers announced their return to the pop landscape on Thursday, I wasn’t overly enthused. (More)

How Being Beautiful Influences Your Attitudes Toward Sex

By Robert Urbatsch (AP)

Cyberspace — People tend to feel strongly about matters of sexual morality, such as premarital sex or gay marriage. (More)

TowelRoad.com Sean Hannity - Tring To Do Damage Control

Sean Hannity May Have Screwed Himself Into A Subpoena Trying To Do Damage Control For Trump

By Andy Towle

Hollywood — FOX News host Sean Hannity sat down with Donald Trump for a softball interview to try and do damage control about former lawyer Michael Cohen’s public testimony before the House Oversight Committee, but Hannity appears to have made himself a witness. (More)


Aussie Trainer Ryan Hurst On How To “Show Off Your Butt” During Gym Workouts

By David Reddish

Cybespace — When I train upper body I wear low rise tank tops and lower body sport shorts that show off my butt. I’m wearing ECHT gym clothes at the moment. (More)

Will Young - Persecuted

Will Young Was 'persecuted' As A Gay Man In The Early Days Of His Career

By Stefania Sarrubba

Hollywood — Openly gay British singer Will Young has opened up on the early days of his career. In a recent interview, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant revealed he was ‘persecuted’ for being gay. (More)

A Very Queer Box Office Starring “Mapplethorpe,” “Giant Little Ones,” and “Devil’s Path”

By Lawrence Fereber

Hollywood — Matt Smith plays controversial and groundbreaking queer photographer Robert Mapplethorpe in director Ondi Timoner’s narrative biopic, which charts his friendship with fellow icon Patti Smith (Marianne Rendon), his relationship with benefactor Sam Wagstaff (John Benjamin Hickey), and his talent for creating explicitly sexual yet stunning images of lovers and lilies alike. (More)

365 Gay Walter Jenkel's Up To No Good

95 Photos of Young Men Up to No Good

By Walter Jenkel

Barcelona, Spain — Walter Jenkel captures perfectly the lazy, humid mood of endless summer days, hanging out with friends and doing nothing worthwhile. Putting pants on takes too much energy. (More)