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February 28th, 2019

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Coverboy Billy of San Francisco

Billy of San Francisco


Is The Fat Lady Getting Ready To Sing?

By Daddy

Cyberspace — When the President's ex-lawyer tells Congress that the President is a racist, a conman, and a cheat I wonder if the Fat Lady is getting ready to sing. Mr. Cohen paints a rather ugly picture of the President. I'd be cheering except that next in line is Mike Pence whose LGBTQ views are less than stellar.

To all those that have donated thank you! February has been taken care of and I'm starting on March. My reserves remain at the 16% level and I may need to use a small amount. At this time I have about a months reserves left. Any help is appreciated.

Out.com Adam Lambert - Epic Tribute At Oscars

Adam Lambert Gave an Epic Tribute to Freddie Mercury at the Oscars

By Harron Walker

Hollywood — Queen took the stage with Adam Lambert serving as frontman, as he has frequently done for their tours and performances since 2011. Instead of wasting our time with a monologue that we’ll all agree was fine but nothing like Billy Crystal used to do, the band — whose backstory was dramatized in the mega-nominated Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody — began playing one of their biggest hits, telling the audience “We Will Rock You.” (More)

Using One Germ to Fight Another When Antibodies Fail

By Lauren Neergaard (AP)

New Haven, CN — Bacteria lodged deep in Ella Balasa's lungs were impervious to most antibiotics. At 26, gasping for breath, she sought out a dramatic experiment — deliberately inhaling a virus culled from sewage to attack her superbug. (More)

TowelRoad.com Charlie Bird - Cosmo The Cougar ComesOut

BYU Mascot ‘Cosmo the Cougar’ Comes Out as Gay in Powerful Op-Ed

By Andy Towle

Cyberspace — Wrote Bird in The Deseret News: ‘As scary as it seemed to dance in front of 60,000 people, an even scarier thought often crept into my mind — ‘If they knew who I really was, would they hate me?’ I wore another mask while I was at BYU — a mask to cover the shame I felt for being “different.” (More)


Hugh Jackman Addresses Those Gay Rumors

By David Reddish

Hollywood — he Oscar-nominated star of Les Miserables and the X-Men film series says he loves being a gay icon, and doesn’t really mind that people speculate about his own sexuality. He recalls a specific incident from his run in A Boy From Oz, in which he played gay composer Peter Allen. Jackman won a Tony for his performance. (More)

Ben J Pierce - Glamorous

Openly Gay Actor Cast As Lead Gender Non-conforming Role In New Cw Drama

By James Besanvalle

Hollywood — CW’s new drama Glamorous casted openly gay actor Ben J Pierce to play its lead role. Pierce will play Marco, a gender non-conforming teenager and recent high school graduate. (More)

365 Gay

Michael Cohen Just Spilled All The Tea to Congress

By Zach Stafford

Washington, DC — Michael Cohen, the longtime confidante and lawyer to President Donald Trump, gave testimony to Congress on Wednesday that he says is his side of the story. And tea was spilled. The explosive details Cohen outlined in on-the-record testimony called the president a "conman", "cheat" and a "racist." (More)

Josh Wiggins - Giant Little Ones

“Giant Little Ones” Star Josh Wiggins on Playing a Queer Teen Stuck in Identity Limbo

By Lawrence Ferber

Hollywood — Played by Josh Wiggins, high school student Franky has a drunken bout of sexual experimentation with his best bud and swim team cohort Ballas Kohl (Darren Mann) on the night of his birthday. Soon after, Ballas freaks out and spreads an untrue rumor around school that Franky molested him, which leaves Franky the target of homophobic bullying, struggling with the unresolved fact his father Ray (Kyle MacLachlan) came out as gay and left his mother for a man, and grappling with an attraction to Ballas’ sympathetic sister, Natasha (Taylor Hickson). (More)