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Anthony Montaro

San Francisco - 1st Review



London - 1st Review


February 25th, 2019

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Coverboy Anthony Montano of San Francisco

Anthony Montano of San Francisco


Roller Coaster Weekend

By Daddy

Cyberspace — I washed six loads of laundry over the weekend and my back is telling me about it. The dryers were stacked two high and I used the lower dryers. Lesson learned.

Basically confined to my desk chair or the bed, so I was able to work on the new version of the new backend. The first page is working, the 2nd page will be able to benefit from all the work on the first page. So should show up in a couple weekends.

We're up to 1,578 active reviews with several venue reviews. Indian Hot Springs is a day's drive away, outside Denver. I predict that a weekend trip sometime in Spring will be happening.

To all those that donated thank you! All but a few hundred is now covered for February. My reserves remain at the 16% level and I may need to use a small amount. At this time I have about a months reserves left. Any help is appreciated.

Adam Devine - More Gay Dudes Less Gay Struggles

Adam Devine Wants Movies With More Gay Dudes, Less Gay Struggles

By Brandon Voss

Hollywood — Adam Devine is just a boy, standing in front of audiences, asking them to love him. Isn’t It Romantic stars Rebel Wilson as Natalie, a New York City architect who inexplicably finds herself stuck as the leading lady in an alternate PG-13 rom-com reality. (More)

Making Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's 'Birdy' Take Flight

By Robert Nesti

Wellesley, MA — Steven Maler, the artistic director of the Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, just finished one major project — an innovative look at "Hamlet" as a virtual reality experience that was profiled in the New York Times — before taking on a new one: directing a production of "Birdy," Naomi Wallace's adaptation of William Wharton's 1980 novel. (More)

TowelRoad.com Abraham Lincoln - Shirtless Young Stud

Thirst Trap Abe Lincoln Statue Goes Viral

By Andy Towle

Los Angeles, CA — On Wednesday, a Twitter user reminded the internet that there’s a statue of Abraham Lincoln in the L.A. federal courthouse “where he’s a shirtless young stud suggestively tugging at his waistband like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.” (More)

Daddy Sez: Shirtless Young Lincoln

Gay Star News

Ryan Murphy announces another TV series, this time about Classic Hollywood

By Anya Crittenton

Hollywood — Murphy announced the news on his Instagram account, describing the show as a ‘love letter to the Golden Age of Tinseltown’. He co-created it with Ian Brennan and it begins principal photography in the summer. (More)

queerty.com Box Menswear Model

Box Menswear Set To Host The Ultimate Models Party In Thailand

By David Grant

Koh Samui, Thailand — UK-based men’s underwear brand BOX Menswear is upping their outreach game by hosting a huge 10-day party in Koh Samui, Thailand, complete with models galore. (More)


Pete Buttigieg Doesn’t Want to Make America Great 'Again'

By Harron Walker

South Bend, IN — “There’s no going back to it,” says the 2020 hopeful, who, if elected, would be the first openly gay president in U.S. history. “So, what does greatness look like going forward?” (More)

365 Gay Richard E Grant - Indie Spirit Award

Richard E. Grant Dedicates Indie Spirit Award to AIDS Victims

By Alexander Modiano

Santa Monica, CA — Richard E. Grant has won the Indie Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actor. Visibly emotional in his acceptance speech on Saturday, Grant said his performance “an homage to that generation of men that were wiped out” by the AIDS crisis. (More)