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February 19th, 2019

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Coverboy Esteban of Dallas

Esteban of Dallas


'The Orville' does LGBTQ In An Unusual Way

By Daddy

Hollywood — Season two episode 7 "Deflectors" hits the central issue of living in the closet in a novel way. One of the bridge crew comes from a race of "male only." Another of the race makes an appearance in this episode which deals with what happens when someone is attracted to females in a polarized society.

To all those that donated thank you! Most of February is now covered. My reserves remain at the 16% level and I may need to use a small amount. At this time I have about a months reserves left. Any help is appreciated.

Out.com Bowen Yang - Dope Queens

Watch Queer Comedian Bowen Yang Slay

By Mathew Rodriguez

Hollywood — Queer comedian Bowen Yang delivered a set covering his name, being a queer Chinese comedian, and what he has in common with a drink called a “Shanghai mule,” on the HBO comedy series 2 Dope Queens, hosted by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. (More)

Vandal Topples Wax Statue of Sean 'Diddy' Combs

By Associated Press

New York City, NY — Police say someone attacked a statue of Sean "Diddy" Combs at Madame Tussauds wax museum in New York, shoving the rap impresario's likeness so forcefully it lost its head. (More)

TowelRoad.com Dylan Matracia - Slow

Dylan Matracia’s ‘Slow’ is a Love Letter to Queer Sex, Summer Romance, and Provincetown

By Andy Towle

Provincetown, MA — Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Dylan Matracia has released “Slow”, the debut track off a forthcoming EP, Summer Cruel, accompanied by a video shot in Provincetown, Massachusetts over three days later summer. (More)

Gay Star News

Doctor Who Star Matt Smith Defends New Film Role As Gay BDSM Photographer

By Joe Morgan

Hollywood — Matt Smith has defended his new gay film role. The Doctor Who star is playing Robert Mapplethorpe. The photographer is best known for his work looking at gay BDSM in 1970s New York City. (More)

HIV+ Mag Mark S King - Phone Sex

I Talked To Nearly 5,000 Gay Men About Sex

By Mark S. King

Los Angeles, CA — The number might be a little low. Over the course of my “phone fantasy” career in the 1980s, I spoke to as many as 10 customers in a given day, numbering in the many thousands over the years. That’s a lot of heavy breathing. (More)


Tops And Bottoms, Meet The Dudes Who Call Themselves ‘Sides’

By Dan Clarendon

Cyberspace — Of the many user-submitted Urban Dictionary definitions for the term “side,” the three most popular all describe a man “who does not partake in anal-penetrative sex” but “will engage in other forms of same-sex activity: fellatio, frottage, mutual masturbation, etc.” (More)

365 Gay Daniel By StasVokman

Daniel Puts On A Show In 9 Photos

By Stas Vokeman

Cyberspace — Sometimes when shooting a swimwear or underwear catalog, the guys get playful. Daniel was goofing around doing some Bob Fosse moves with a hat. The hat came off and there waas no stopping him. Stas just kept taking photos.  (More)