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Matt Muck

Biloxi - 1st Review



Washington D.C. - 2nd Review

New Review w/Photo

Theo Ford

London - 1st Review & Response


February 8th, 2019

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Coverboy Matt Muck of Biloxi

Matt Muck of Biloxi


Hello! Hello! Is This Thing On?

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — In January we had a bit over eighty thousand unique visitors and served those visitors 6.6 million pages. Yet, here I am down to about ten reviews in the queue. If this is a resource that you value then you need to help make it great.

If you want reviews of people to meet, places to visit, and sites to see you need to start submitting reviews of those that you value yourself. Without your input, this site will fade away like a memory of yesteryear. We're having enough problems with a conservative government to lose our resources due to apathy.

The crock pot chicken is wonderful and the chicken stock is simmering in the kitchen as I write this. It smells wonderful and tomorrow morning I'll need to strain it and start the soup proper. Tomorrow I'll be making the egg noodles from scratch assuming I don't chicken out and use the store bought variety.

To all those that donated thank you! As I go into February your donations have already paid for half of the month. My reserves remain at the 16% level. At this time I have about a months reserves left. Any help is appreciated.

Out.com Matt Dallas - Told To Stay Closeted

‘Kyle XY’s Matt Dallas Was Told to Stay Closeted to Be Successful

By Mathew Rodriguez

Hollywood — Even though the belly button-less Kyle XY promotional poster did a lot to awaken a lot of queer people’s sexualities, it turns out that the show’s star, Matt Dallas, was being pressured to stay in the closet while the show was on the air. (More)

Gay Porn Star Calvin Banks Shares Story of Sexual Abuse from Father

By Staff

Cyberspace — A gay porn star is opening up in an emotional video in which he details sexual abuse he was subjected to by his own father. (More)

TowelRoad.com Zac Efron & Dylan Efron

Zac Efron and His Bro are Making Instagram Totally Wet

By Staff

Cyberspace — Thirst alert: Zac Efron is celebrating his brother Dylan’s birthday by frolicking in a waterfall and the amount of wet stuff cascading over rock-hard abs is almost too much for Instagram’s like-meter to handle. (More)

Gay Star News

Bert and Ernie are gay if you want them to be, says Sesame Street exec

By James Besanvalle

Hollywood — If you want Bert and Ernie to be gay, then they are, according to a Sesame Street executive. Brown Johnson is the executive vice president of Sesame Workshop, an American nonprofit organization responsible for Sesame Street. (More)

queerty.com Gus Kenworthy - Straight For Pay

Gus Kenworthy Going Straight For Pay As Emma Roberts’ Boyfriend In Upcoming ‘American Horror Story’

By Malcolm Rhodes

Hollywood — Ryan Murphy announced on Instagram yesterday that Olympian Gus Kenworthy, who is currently nominated for “Favorite Follow” in the 2019 Queerties Awards, is joining the cast of the hit FX anthology series’ ninth season. (More)

Size Queens Finally Get an Emoji—the Pinching Hand

By Lamar Dawson

Cyberspace — Emoji-approving organization Unicode has just released a list of 230 symbols which will make it to your devices this year. While the iconic eggplant emoji has been known to represent what a guy is packing, there hasn’t been an emoji for guys on the smaller side—until now. (More)

365 Gay Denis By Stas Vokman

8 Photos of Denis Taking a Bath by Stas Vokman

By Stas Vokman

Cyberspace — Stas Vokman is a Russian photographer who shoots both physique and fashion photos. And a bunch of other stuff. When the model arrives at the studio asking for some time to clean up and take a bath, there is a great photo opportunity. Modeling is hard work. Sometimes a second bath is needed after the photographer shoots. (More)