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Keith Hardy

Philadelphia - Verification



Los Angeles - New Web


Ginger Jack

New York City - 7th Review


Alexander Gustavo

Las Vegas - 2nd Review


Sean Long

Atlanta - 28th Review


Iron Maus

Los Angeles - 2nd Review



Los Angeles - 5th Review


February 1st, 2016

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Coverboy Keith Hardy - Philadelphia

Keith Hardy - Philadelphia


Davy Wavy - Respect Your Elders Out.com

Davey Wavey Wants You to Respect Your Elders

By Glenn Garner

Cyberspace — The YouTube star went on a heated tirade about the Gay community's generational divide. (More)

Italy Could Recognize Same-Sex Relationships

By Rhuaridh Marr

Italy — There's something of an anomaly in Western Europe. Often regarded as a bastion of LGBT rights - indeed, they're enshrined in the European Union's governing principles - every Western European nation, from Britain to Portugal to Germany, recognizes same-sex relationships. Except for one: Italy. (More)

Gus Kenworthy - Comming Out Not Newsworthy

Gus Kenworthy: 'Coming out shouldn't be newsworthy'

By Staff

Cyberspace — "Someone coming out as Gay shouldn't be newsworthy, it shouldn't be warranting a magazine cover or anything like that, which I had as my story for coming out. (More)


TitanMen Offers to Pay Off Aaron Schock's $1 Million Legal Debt

By Andy Towle

Cyberspace — TitanMen, a major adult entertainment company, has offered to pay off former Congressman's mounting legal debts by offering him a $1 million contract to appear in a Gay porn film. (More)

Ridwan Kamil Gay Star News

Mayor Of Indonesian City Warns Muslim Hardliners Against Harassing Gays

By Sylvia Tan

Bandung, Indonesia — Mayor Ridwan Kamil of Bandung, capital of Indonesia's West Java province, has ordered the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), a hardline Islamic group, to take down 'provocative' banners targeting Lesbians and Gay men. (More)


You're Going To Love The Men Of Hard Cider

By Staff

Cyberspace — Hard Cider NY has amassed a hefty Instagram fellowship with photographer Menelik Puryear's keen eye for the male figure. (More)

Alec Bell - Dealing With Extreme Winder Conditions 365 Gay

Coping With Extreme Winter Conditions

By Matt Monath

Cyberspace — Now that hell has actually frozen over, you may need some professional help to feel less, uh, frigid. Matt Monath comes to the rescue with his summery, golden beach photos that will cure your chillblains (whatever they are). (More)