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Alex Torres

Brazil - 2nd Review


Chris Wydeman

Chicago - New Photo


Justin Baylor

Los Angeles - New Photo


Christian Grey

Las Vegas - New Photo


Remi Soileau

New Orleans - 3rd Review


Killian James

New York City - 31st Review



Palm Springs - 2nd Review



Los Angeles - 14th Review


Jim #2

New York City - 36th Review


January 28th, 2016

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Coverboy Alex Torres - Brazil (Visiting Miami)

Alex Torres - Brazil (Visiting Miami)


Jeffrey Hurant — Rentboy's Inditment Gay Star News

Former Rentboy.com CEO indicted

By Greg Hernandez

Brooklyn, NJ — The indictment was handed down by a federal grand jury in Brooklyn. The money laundering charge was not part of the original criminal complaint. (More)

Mexico Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage In Jalisco State

By Associated Press

Jalisco, Mexico — Mexico's Supreme Court has struck down language in a Jalisco state law that defines marriage as between a man and woman. (More)

Justin Bieber — Back In His Calvins.jpg Out.com

Justin Bieber Back in His Calvins

By Julien Sauvalle

Cyberspace — The singer appears in Calvin Klein's global spring campaign, along with Kendrick Lamar, FKA twigs, and more. (More)

Fiddlehead Celebrates 'Rent's' 20th Anniversary

By Staff

Boston, MA — Fiddlehead Theatre Company will present a 20th Anniversary celebration of the hit Broadway sensation "RENT" live on stage from February 5-21, 2016 at the Back Bay Events Center -- 180 Berkeley Street Boston. (More)

Sean Varner — Won't Stop Danceing.png TowelRoad.com

This Boy Won't Stop Dancing

By Sean Mandell

Pennsylvania — As part of its new series Outside the Box which looks at the way young people are challenging traditional gender stereotypes, PBS News Hour focused on the story of a young boy from Pennsylvania who has pursued his love of dance despite being made fun of by some of his peers. (More)


Married Man Freaks Out After Discovering Stolen Private Pics On Grindr

By Graham Gremore

Cyberspace — "I had just gotten out of the shower and wanted to revel in my manhood," the confession continues, ?so I did what felt natural, I stood in front of my full length mirror and took a nude selfie." (More)

#gaylifenodiversityinsight 365 Gay

How's This for a Trending Topic: #GayLifeNoDiversityInSight

By Vish Gaikwad

Cyberspace — The Oscars aren't the only ones with a fixation on straight, white men. (More)