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Brenner Bolton

Pittsburgh - 3rd Review


Alec Andrews

Los Angeles - New Photo & Phone


Michael Wayne

Washington D.C. - New Photo & Web


Dane Scott

Palm Springs - 65th Review


Adam Simply

New York City - 73rd & 74th Reviews



New York City - 19th Review


Andrew Maroc

San Francisco - 22nd Review


Tyger Bhugghatti

Portland - 70th Review


Peter Hung

Las Vegas - 106th Review


January 25th, 2016

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Coverboy Brenner Bolton — Pittsburg

Brenner Bolton — Pittsburg


Samuel Mikulak Out.com

The U.S. Men's Gymnastics Team is on Fire

By Staff

United States — We apologize in advance for this gratuitous slideshow (not really), but the members of the U.S. gymnastics team are total BFFs, and it's adorable. (More)

Internation Olympic Committee Relaxes Guidelines On Transgender Athletes

By Stephen Wilson

London, England — Transgender athletes should be allowed to compete in the Olympics and other international events without undergoing sex reassignment surgery, according to new guidelines adopted by the IOC. (More)

Koby Soto

A Man's Heartbreak Was Captured By His Fitbit When He Was Dumped By His Boyfriend

By Staff

Cyberspace — 28-year-old Israeli law student and entrepreneur Koby Soto was planning on spending a relaxing evening with his boyfriend of a few months, a fellow law student, when a phone call from his boyfriend brought his world crashing down. (More)

Gay Star News

Tens Of Thousands Across Italy Rally For Gay Civil Unions

By Sylvia Tan

Italy — Ten of thousands of Italians rallied on Saturday in almost 100 towns and cities in support of gay civil unions as the battle over legal recognition for same-sex couples heats up ahead of a bill to be debated in parliament. (More)

Subject To Change Cast TowelRoad.com

Watch the Full Pilot of "Subject to Change," a Brutally Honest Gay Coming-of-Age Series from Australia

By Andy Towle

Cyberspace — A little more than a year ago we featured a teaser for a TV pilot called "Subject to Change" starring two Gay lead characters. The pilot was set to debut in festival screenings in 2015 with a chance for a TV pick-up by the end of the year. (More)


Straight Guys Reflect On Those Times They Had Gay Sex

By Staff

Cyberspace — "Sometimes straight men touch each other," Jane Ward told Queerty in an exclusive interview, "and they do it for a number of reasons that they don't perceive as sexual." (More)

Be Confident! 365 Gay

West Hollywood Men Give Advice to Gay Youth

By Daniel Reynolds

West Hollywood, CA — The men of West Hollywood want to "Gay It Forward." This is the title of a new YouTube video from Cocktails & Cocktalk, which asked residents of the Los Angeles Gayborhood to pass on pearls of wisdoms to young Gay men. (More)