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Review #1, 01/19/2009

Daddy Sez: I'm just not up to figuring out how to squeeze three columns of stats into this page. Click each of their photos to get their details, or just trust me when I say all three of them are hot.

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I stumbled across Andrew Justice's ad back in September, and have seen him in October and November and now, December. Who's obsessive???? Not me. He's that good. My original intention was to see him alone, like I used to in the old days, my before David days. But the thought of those two together and willing to make a little movie... Well, too much for me to pass up. And this time, I was on the money. (See Oct review) It was a blast. They tore it up.

Then, I was equally determined to see AJ alone in November, but that didn't happen, either. Have to have David. Is that crazy or what??? It is to me. But it is what it is and I bought the ticket. Then, for some still to be explained to me reason, I invited yet another guy. Too much is not enough??? Instant gratification takes too long, you say? Yeah, that's me. Well, nice guy but these two were the show. Fantastic time, yet again.

So, for my 50th, I decided to up the ante because it really isn't quite expensive enough yet.... well, David and Ty were here last May and I thought, what the fuck?? Let's bring them all back. David, Ty and AJ....So, we did on Dec 14th. And it was CRAZY sexy. From the moment that we walked into the hotel room, it was ON. They were all over each other and me. Passionate and sweet and into it and can't wait to get naked and get started. What these three bring to the table (um, bed) is that they really, and truly, sincerely and deeply, like to fuck... like sex... no going thru the motions for my benefit. Nope. They all want to get it and give it and get off. As many times as possible. Works for me.

Really. I have watched the resulting dvds about 100 times and there is still NO WAY that I can even begin to describe it all to you. But here are some highlights:

David and that dimpled little ass on my face, squirming and talking and opening it up for me. Me, getting close and AJ and David, knowing me so well, and David saying, "Spill it, lover, spill it " and AJ saying, "I can hear it...." and off I go, big blast on my belly and David saying, "Get him..." and Ty swooping down with that hot mouth and swallowing me whole and driving me fucking crazy. David pressing me down with his ass and saying, "I got you.. I got you... trust me, lover... trust me, sweet boy".. and for some fucked up reason, I do.

As a special surprise, Ty decided to dp for me. He had told David in advance, so when the boys were all into it, David positioned himself on bottom, Ty got in the middle and AJ took the rear.. literally. Ty entered David first and when he got his momentum going, AJ slipped it in as well and they all moved together, "Everybody fucking..." says Ty. Then after a while, they shifted and David slid down the bed and with AJ still in Ty, David used his wiriness and agility ( bod for sin) to penetrate as well... his 8 inch tool rubbing against AJ's massive meat, all inside Ty's hot and willing muscle butt. Quite a sight to see.

Then after dinner, everybody naked and at it, again. I say, "So, who first?? " and David says, "Who else???" Meaning he knows how much AJ loves to take his dick, just the right size... so, David suits up and slowly pushes in... Ty slips around behind David and makes a valiant attempt to secure a landing, but "That's off limits" while David is doing the fucking. So, Ty crawls underneath and licks David and AJ's swinging and straining balls as they fuck. What a team player...

Now, the best part... David and Ty have this Daddy/Boi thing going on. Saw it last May when Ty spanked him in a front of a mirror, really hard with his hand... and it was in the room this time as well. AJ spanked David with a belt last time (see a pattern, here???) Yep... so much so that David brought his own belt this time... for that very reason. If you want him to bottom, you have to "beat him first..." So, they did. Ty held him first with David on top of him, ass up and told him to be sweet and be nice and not to fight it. David had other ideas, and struggled. Ty pinioned his arm behind him and made him stop and warned him. "I'm very bruiseable.." says David and big laugh all around.."You are hurting my neck.." "No, you are hurting yourself by being bad." Now, David started to kick. Ty used his huge thighs and muscled calves to put an end to that. "You are TOO strong...." David moans and Ty says, "Yeah, I am... now be sweet and kiss me..." David does, but apparently, not quite sweet enough, because then Ty says, "Where's the belt??" And off AJ is to get it. David continues to squirm and well, not be sweet and when AJ gets back, Ty uses his free hand to pull down David's sweat pants, bare up that hot little butt and says, "Spank him...." and AJ lets loose with the belt. Really lets loose and David tries his best to take it, but it's too much and he is hollering and Ty won't let him go.. "I'm sorry.... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'll be sweet... I'm sorry" But it's too little too late and they really punish him. All over the bed. Unable to get away. And loud.

Finally, AJ stops, lays the belt down... steps back... and Ty kisses David, really deep and looks him very squarely and very directly in the eyes and just holds him. Still won't let him go. Quiet in the room now and Ty just caresses him, lovingly, almost. AJ and I just stand there (well, I am filming) and then.... from out of nowhere, David makes a grab for the belt. And it's all on again.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry...." but no one is buying it now.. (well, technically, I am, but I digress...) and Ty puts him on his back, legs up and makes him count it out. 15 without moving or trying to block his ass with his hand or we start again. In David's defense, he took 10 really hard ones before he understood the rules (He pointed that out to us all, quite loudly) and then he still had no choice but to take the full 15. Kind of painful to watch, but hot as Hell. Ty lets him go and David rolls onto his stomach. Ty asks if he can kiss it and make it better. David says, "Yes" so Ty does, but it's too sensitive, so he just gently blows on it and asks, "Can I make love to it??" and David says, "Yes...." and Aj is like, "Really????" and David quickly adds, "From the outside!!!!!"

Hopes dashed but not for long. Ty does mount AJ yet again with what AJ referred to as his "Rhino Cock"... Not a Tyger but a rhino... Rhino Hudson, as we now call him... then Ty heads off to the shower and David asks AJ, "Did you like whipping me, Country? I loved it..." and he suits up and gets a little even. And to tell you the truth, they had perfect sex. Perfect, absolutely stunning sex..... they just FIT... AJ gripping David's neck, all lit up, into it and passionately, desperately kissing... I swear, you could see the very moment when David hit the spot and AJ wouldn't let him go, wouldn't let him stop kissing him.... they just connect, completely..... and David drives it home... until AJ shoots all over his perfectly hard and perfectly hairy abs and in one of my favorite moments of ALL time, says, after a breath or two, "Dammit... I didn't want to cum.. I wanted to fuck Ty again.." Then grins and shrugs and says, "Oh, well... I'll get him in the morning..."

Minutes later, AJ is hard again. "Donkey dick." says David and it is. All nestled up against his belly. So, David crawls over and swallows it. All the way, stretches it, full length and that's saying something, for sure. I am like, "Are you going to cum again???" "Fuck, yes!!" David says and really, really quickly, he does just that. Loudly. AJ waits until the exact right moment and with David protesting all the way.... eats him up. Whole. Serves him right... it's what he does to me. And has others do to me. He loved it and so do I.

2:30 by now. Out of dvds and everybody spent... whew. Fun time, for sure. Lost count about who came how many times, but know that there was a lot of jizz in the air. Like Paris in the Springtime.

Fantastic time. Good out of bed as well. They conspired with the waiter and paid for dinner and had a special dessert sent out and sang "Happy Birthday" to me.

And it was and I feel very lucky to have met these men:

Andrew Justice... my all time in the flesh porn fantasy. Huge dick, stellar, movie star, Sawyer face, gorgeous teeth and a surfer boy, sweet muscled and beautiful behind and so fucking willing and into it.

Ty... dream date, passionate, romantic and go, go, go. I have known him along time now.
Classy, cerebral and real. Had quite the conversation with him in the Walmart parking lot when the boys were buying condoms and dvds and Red Bull. He gets me and knows how I feel about...

David.... the one who changed the game for me. Completely, totally, forever. No going back. He has set a bar so high that it reaches the sky... charm enough to drowned you and funny as Hell. One of a fucking kind. Those stupid hickeys do fade, eventually, thank God and high collars, but make no mistake about it, friends, he has marked me. Love me some David. Well, really, really like me some David, like Sally Field at the Oscars... not completely crazy, yet.

Damn. Sorry to go on an on. I hate reviews like this anymore and here I go. Just imagine if I had told you all everything that went on... See, I am a gentleman and have kept some details just between us. Ain't that classy????

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You: Old, broke, living alone with an ancient poodle. One foot in the grave and one hand on a camcorder. A little dick and even smaller bank account..... thanks to David. He bit me.