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Review #1 - 06/28/2013
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  •   Have been reading about Ace on the Forum. Knew that Jawjateck had a great time with him and he and I have alot the same taste in,I knew that I had to taste him and soon. Super easy to set things up with, no deposit required and once we landed on a date, it was a done deal. Easy. He is one very busy guy, so I felt lucky to get him nailed down... to a date for him to get nailed (and do some nailing of his own) so to speak. Next, I added Justice, of course and knew that I also wanted a third. Had seen Dirk's ads and turns out, that he and Ace had been talking and that they were eager(make that hot) to meet. So, he joined and we were all set.

    Day of, everybody texts that they are on time. I head to the city, check into the hotel and then drive to the airport. Enroute, my sister calls and asks if I am watching the weather. I am like, "No, Mom, I am not...." Turns out, it's getting pretty bad... but it's sunny where I am, so not to worry, right? Well, just about then, I notice, all these barricades and rainbow flags etc.. Hell, I have driven into the danged Gay Pride parade!!! So, I turn around, thinking, "You guys celebrate being gay, your way and I'll celebrate mine..." shortly, with Ace Banner on my face....Anyway, I get to the airport and everyone is there. One pass through and we are on our way back to the hotel. This was so friggin' easy, I'm thinking... and just then, the sirens go off. But it's still sunny and it's way north of us. We get back to the hotel and Justice and Dirk head to the main suite and I escort Ace to my room.... for... um... a shower.

    Now, have to say, that from the very minute that I saw him I was smitten. really smitten, because he's a fucking model and from head to toe, with one noticeable stop in between (that rocking ass!!), he is completely my type. Lean, furry, gorgeous in the face with beautiful teeth and dressed like a million bucks. And listening to him talk in the car, with that silky, smooth southern boy charm, I was hooked and a more than a little hard. And couldn't wait to see him not dressed like a million bucks.....I had bought him some Papi yellow/orange silk boxer briefs and I asked him to put them on after his shower... and boys, they fit him fucking perfectly. Big bulge and skintight in the ass.... better than I even imagined (and I had imagined it alot). So, he's standing before me, with that silky bulge inches from my face. I lowered the black waistband and his long pretty dick pops out, hard, hard, hard. I licked it and started to really get it wet when the sirens go off yet again....I had thought about this guy for weeks, this guy in the sexy drawers, this guy's hardon straining his sexy drawers,this guy hard in my mouth, this guy's hard ass on my face... and damned if I was going to let the weather stop me now. So, I got on my back and explained the concept of knees to ears and he said, "Oh,no worries, son... I get it" and he took a seat, and squirmed around to let me get deep and taste that sweet heat. He started jacking his cock and rocking his very pretty, very hot, very sweet, just hairy enough ass, reaching back to really let me in.... and in minutes, the sirens weren't the only things blowing. He rolled off and kissed me and said, something like, "Damn, boy, that was some ass eating..." It is nice to be good at something....

    By now, the sirens had stopped and the weather threat was over, though I must say, it returned the next day, with a vengeance.So, Ace and I went down the hall to start the party...

    We shot 5 dvds.... before and after dinner and again before breakfast the next day and they literally did it all. Every combination possible and most more than once. Three passionate, into it all guys who were completely and without question versatile with a vengeance. And here are just a couple of my favorite moments/shots;

    The first of which begins with my three favorite words,"Sit on my face"... said by Dirk to Ace while Dirk is on his back on the bed. Ace climbs aboard and his ass is perfectly framed by the camera. Dirk's thumbs speading him open, and his tongue going deep, and Ace's round, tanned ass just bouncing up and down. Then Ace pulling Dirk's legs up, holding him by the back of his knees and exposing Dirk's ass for Justice who is suited and slick and ready. "Fuck...... that's a big dick..." Dirk moans as Justice pumps away. Ace is jacking Dirk's fat cock and Dirk says, "Slow down on that dick. I want to enjoy this for a while" And he did, for like twenty full on fuck minutes with Ace on his face the whole time, squirming and clenching and taking his hot tongue.

    Second perfectly framed shot of Ace's ass... Dirk on his knees, face in the bed, and Ace easing in quick and continuing the fuck. Ace's muscled ass driving it home. Dirk saying, "You sexy fucker, you sexy fucker" with every thrust and Justice's hand sliding down Ace's back and his long middle finger slipping between Ace's tanned,round pounding cheeks and finger fucking Ace as he fucks Dirk... so fucking hot.

    Ace laying on top of Justice who is on his back on the bed. Ace raising his ass to take Dirk, doggie. Extreme closeup for Ace's ass as Dirk mounts him. Dirk is holding him by the ankle and slamming into him and spanking him as he fucks."Get in there.... get in there... nice and deep...that's it...that's it... fuck, yeah!!" Ace says as Dirk pounds his hole, with deep, hard, to the nuts thrusts. Ace slides up Justice and Dirk slides out. Justice pats Ace's round, reddened, assaulted ass and says, "Don't break him.... I want my turn." Dirk reaches up and grabs Ace's cock from underneath him and starts stroking it backwards. Ace is still sensitive from the fuck and just goes crazy from his touch. Dirk then sticks his thumb deep into Ace's ass and thumb fucks him hard until he enters him again for real,and starts to spank Ace's ass in rhythm with his thrusts. "If you're going to hit it,"Ace says, "Fucking hit it." So Dirk does."Slap that ass, son, slap that ass!!" Ace says.So Dirk does. Ace takes it like a champ but finally, when Dirk pulls out, Justice puts his arms around Ace and starts to stand up. Ace is still on top of him so when he does stand up, he takes Ace with him and literally, flips him back on to the bed on his back. "Don't fuck me like you did him," Ace says,laughing. "What do you mean, perfectly??"asks Dirk and Ace says, "Exactly."But Justice precedes to do just that.

    Ace on his back,legs up with Dirk swallowing his long, hard cock and Dirk cupping Ace's ass in both his hands,holding him in place and opening his hot butt up for Justice. Justice pushes in..."Just a second.....ok...ok..ok...wait..wait... dammit... I think maybe if I turned around...."Low whistle,"Damn...that's a big dick....I'm challenged now." Justice slaps his ass and precedes to fuck him just as hard as he did Dirk, pressing in, balls slapping against his very red little muscle butt."That's just mean,"says Dirk and Ace says, "No, I can take it. Give it to me, son. Get in there...get in there..Now, get the fuck out!!!"

    Close up of Dirk's ass with Justice balls deep. Dirk just holds it in there and says, "That sits right on the prostate... just right on it. Just a little motion ... and that's all it takes...." Justice takes both hands and spreads Dirk even wider and pushes in even deeper and with one more thrust,Dirk shoots a stream up Justice's chest that bullseyes Justice in his right eye. Justice wipes his eye with the sheet and says, "Not the first time.... I usually do it myself."and Dirk says,"Just fuck me now.... fuck me hard." Justice does and when Dirk rolls off, Ace pushes Justice's legs up and slides inside his smooth, hot butt. Of course, yet another perfectly framed shot of Ace's round, muscle butt, clenching and pumping until Justice scatterhoots onto his own chest. "Wow.... now that's a load." says Dirk, just as Ace pulls out, strips off the condom and adds to the milky pool on Justice's chest.

    And that's just though disc 2....

    Have watched the dvds alot and have concluded that I have filmed a very up close and personal documentary of Ace's all it's hairy little muscle glory. And I couldn't be happier about it.

    Seriously, I had a great time with these guys. Justice is always without a doubt 110% into it and wanting it to last as long as possible.A power top and a power bottom and equally eager and accomplished in either role. Same for Dirk... power everything and the only guy I have ever heard ask Justice, "Why are you stopping??"Very handsome and very, very into the sex.

    And as for Ace. Well... he can do it all, too. Take that dick, and pound that ass with the best of them... and all with a southern boy charm and seriously stunning model looks. Movie star smile, furry, hard body,long, pretty dick and a porn star ass that won't fucking quit.Lickable, beyond belief... I can't stop thinking about him and it's been two weeks. Sexy, sexy, sexy... I could taste him all the way home, just like I like it.

    I'm gonna have to be careful with this one, boys because with an ass as perfect as Ace's... too much won't ever be enough.
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  •   Aging, alcoholic, agorophobic...otherwise I would be stalking someone in the South as we speak.