May 4th, 2016

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Coverboy James - Los Angeles

James - Los Angeles

Our reviews today include: James of Los Angeles,  Zach Wilson of Raleigh,  Pedro of Sydney,  Evan Skyy of Washington D.C.,  Marek of New York City,  Junior Benz of New York City,  Click our Coverboy to see today's reviews. (More)

Nasty Drew & Harder Boy

Don't Miss: Nasty Drew and That Harder Boy Queers a Treasured Classic

By David Clarke

Broadway — When entertainer Chris Harder decided to create a scripted burlesque performance, he told international burlesque star Nasty Canasta, 'I want to do Nancy Drew, except it's going to be called Nasty Drew, and you're going to be in it.' (More)

White House Plans First National Monument To Honor Gay Rights

By Chris Bull (AP)

Washington, DC — The Obama Administration is preparing to announce the nation's first monument to Gay liberation, Stonewall National Park, which will be located in New York City's Greenwich Village, considered the birthplace of the modern movement. (More)

Gary Lineker Gay Star News

UK Prime Minister David Cameron Wants To See Gary Lineker In His Underwear

By Joe Morgan

London, England — The former England (and Leicester) soccer player joked last December that he would present sports recap show Match of the Day "in just my undies" if Leicester City won the Premier League. (More)

Treasury Secretary: Currency Redesign Plan Winning Rave Reviews

By Martin Crutsinger

Washington, DC — Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew said Tuesday that the reaction to his plan to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill and add civil rights and suffragette leaders to U.S. currency has been "overwhelmingly positive." (More)

Jozi Cats - Fairy

South Africa's First Gay Rugby Team Launches Racy New Recruitment Campaign

By Dan Allen

Johannesburg, South Africa — South Africa's first-ever Gay rugby team is out to prove that it's more than just a bunch of "fairies" and "fudge packers." (More)

Kenya High Court to Hear Case Challenging Forced 'Anal Examinations'

By Michael Fitzgerald

Mombasa, Kenya — A court in Kenya is hearing a constitutional petition today challenging the use of forced anal examinations on men accused of homosexuality. (More)

Bill T Jones

The Making of an AIDS-Inspired Dance Masterpiece

By Tyler Curry

Cyberspace — In 1989, the award-winning choreographer, artistic director, and dancer Bill T. Jones (pictured above) gifted the world with his explosive tour-de-force, 'D-Man in the Waters,' an emotional dance performance and tribute to dancer Demian Acquavella and others who died from AIDS -related complications during the height of the epidemic. More than 25 years later, the documentary D-Man gives audiences a chance to revisit the heartbreaking time that led Jones — now 64 and living with HIV — to create his bittersweet celebration of life. (More)