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Coverboy 02/09/2002, 04/12/2007

Verification (a6)

Your stage name: Trey Rexx
Primary city: FT Lauderdale/ Miami
Birth date (Month/Year): 04/1967
Phone Number (If you want it published): 801-550-1743
Your Website URL (If you have one):

Your Height: 6'
Weight: 188lb
Hair Color:blond
Inches / Cut or Uncut: 8x6 cut
Rates for Time:250 hr 1000 over night

01/24/2006 -- New Picture
01/24/2006 -- New Location

Review #17, 05/14/2007

Name:       Trey Rexx
Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Phone:      801-550-1743

Ethnicity: Caucasian   Age: 30's
Height: 6'0" (183 cm)   Weight: 180-190 lbs (82-86 kg)   Build: Muscled
Eyes: Blue   Hair: Average Stawberry Blond
Cock: Cut 8-9" (20-22 cm) Thick
Smoking: No   Drinking: No   

Orientation: Gay   Calls: Out Only
Roles: Escort
Kissing: French   Masturbation: Both   Anal: Top   Oral: Gets   
Rates for time only (US $): 1st=250   Overnight=1000   

Date: 03/2007   Type: Overnight   Where: Fort Lauderdale, FL   Rate: 1000
Rating: Recommended   Hire Again? Yes
Where Found? Other Website   Which: Rentboy
Reviewed Before?    Match Description? Yes   Lived up? Yes

In planning my trip to Fort Lauderdale, I saw that Trey Rexx was advertising on Rentboy. Trey has been a fantasy of mine for a number of years. We played e-mail tag and then telephone tag, but we were able to set up an overnight visit on my last night in Fort Lauderdale. Trey has the most beautiful blue eyes... and blond hair that you have ever seen. He also has a sculpted body to go along with the face, eyes and hair. Since this was an overnight date, we had time to do many things.

We first went out to dinner at a great Italian restaurant there in Fort Lauderdale. Trey is a good conversationalist. When we got back to the guest house, we talked some more and then went out to the hot tub. After a while we then switched to the heated pool. We then went back to the room, where Trey stretched me out on the bed and gave me one of the best massages I have ever had. (I have a weekly appointment with a massage therapist for an hour massage, so I know good massages.) Trey is very sensitive to the needs of his clients, so he wanted to make sure that I had a very good time. We laid on the bed and had a major suck feast/fest. Eventually we moved into the fucking… and boy can he fuck. Trey moves gracefully into many positions, all the time ensuring that you are impaled and receiving a good number of stokes. He can be gentle and loving or rough and hard, depending on what your needs are at the moment. So, if a sculpted blond is what you need, then by all means hire Trey. I did and a fun time was had by all concerned.

Handle: Houston Doughboy
Submissions: 5 or more Reviews

You: 52 year old professional; overweight; working on toning and loosing some weight. I hire professionals when I travel, as I am not a bar person.

Review #16, 04/12/2007

Name:       trey rexx
Location: fort lauderdale, fl
Phone:      801-550-1743

Ethnicity: Caucasian   Weight: 180-190 lbs (82-86 kg)   Build: Muscled
Eyes: Blue   Hair: Light Blond

Orientation: Gay   Calls: In/Out
Kissing: Yes   Masturbation: Both   Anal: Top   Oral: Both   
Rates for time only (): 1st=250   

Date: 03/2007   Type: 1 Hour   Where: fort lauderdale, fl   Rate: 250
Rating: Recommended   Hire Again? Yes
Where Found? His Website   Which:
Reviewed Before?    Match Description? Yes   Lived up? Yes

WOW! Trey was terrific. We played phone tag most of the day, but he was good about calling back often. When we finally connected, we set up an appointment up here in Fort Lauderdale. He was punctual and I was very pleased when I saw him get out of the car. Very muscular, handsome face, and friendly right off the bat.

We took a quick swim (skinny dipping actually) and had a nice time chatting for a good while before adjouring to the fun inside. He is very oral, and a very good kisser. He is clearly and top and knows what he is doing. I thought I was going to hyperventilate while he topped me! When it was done, he held me for a few minutes before getting up to clean himself. We chatted for awhile before he left. All in all, a great experience!

Handle: dchotasianguy
Submissions: Second Review

You: 36 yr old, athletic asian....travels frequently

Review #15, 04/23/2005

Name: Trey Rexx:
Location: San Diego, Salt Lake City

Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'0" (183 cm) Weight: 190-200 lbs (86-91 kg) Build: Muscled
Eyes: Blue Hair: Average Blond
Body Hair: Peach Fuzz Facial Hair: Smooth
Cock: Cut 8-9" (20-22 cm) Thick

Orientation: Mostly Gay Kissing: French Masturbation: Both Anal: Top
Roles: Escort Massage
Rates for time only(US $): Session=1000

Date: 03/2005 Type: Overnight Rate: 1000
Rating: Recommended Hire Again? Yes
Where Found? Hooboys M4M Which: yes

Reviewed Before? Yes Match Description? Yes Lived up? Yes

Trey looks to be in his 30's but said he was a little older. You'd never know. He very much has the personality of a straight guy which is hot. He's totally hot, and knows it, but his cockiness is more charming than annoying. He know's he's hot and doesn't have false modesty. His honest is refreshing. We arranged to meet on Saturday afternoon, and he arrived on time. I was amazed how much sexier he is in person. He exudes masculinity, but put you at ease right away. We had a great time just talking about what's going on in our lives.

I was a little nervous at first, but after about an hour of just shooting the shit, he came over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss. His body is beautiful and he was dressed in a pair of jeans with a cotton shirt. He has sparkly eyes and is really engaging conversationally.

We went to dinner and had a nice time. He is polite and it was cool to have people look at the hot guy who was with me. After dinner we talked some more and then proceeded to the bedroom. I was a little clumsy, but he was patiient and it felt more like a date than an escort call. We messed around. I sucked and rimmed him (what an ass), and then got the courage up to ask him to fuck me. It was awesome. We went to bed and woke up the next morning and it was like have an old friend with me. We laid in bed and I spent plenty of time exploring his body wiith my hands, but it was mostly spent just talking and laughing. Before we got out of bed, I ask him to sit on my face and that he dangle his big balls in my face. I came quickly. We spent the rest of the day just hangin out and having a good time.

I would definitely recommend Trey, as he is awesome. He is a stud, and you feel like you've been hangin with a man, as opposed to a pretty boy. I can't wait for him to come back again. He's a great guy.

Handle: sdbeagleboy
Submissions: First Review

47, Good looking, average shape. Nice guy

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