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Review #1, 04/30/2005

Name: Benjamin Nicholas & Adrian Hart
Location: San Antonio and Orlando:
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Date: 04/2005 Type: Weekend Rate: 2000/1800
Rating: Recommended Hire Again? Yes
Where Found? Hooboys M4M
Reviewed Before? Yes Match Description? Yes Lived up? Yes

Experience: Let me start by saying that these two Ben and Adrian are two of the hottest and nicest escorts that I have encountered. I had known them both individually but wanted a chance to get to know them as a Team or Duo. I was not disappointed. It all happened in Vegas where else. Ben came in first and we spent a few some time together went to see "Zumanity" and a nice dinner and then came Adrian.

This get together was also going to be in the company of Sir. Elton John as that is who we were going to see before the fun would begin. That was in and of itself a show of all shows. Don't pass up the chance to see him he is worth every penny of the steep tickets.

It all took place at the Monte Carlo Hotel in the Spa suites, which was not a new place for any of us, but one of consistency, amenities and fun. It had a large king size bed and a wonderful spa tub that can fit at least 4 as I have had that many in there in the past. There also is a nice steam shower area and wonderful wet bar.

After the show and dinner we came back to the room and the fun began. It started with a round in the tub with champagne and some kissing and laughing and talking then we moved to the bed were I got my first four hand massage by the two of them they were great. Both are the greatest kissers and love oral to the point of "trying to out do the other".

As I had been with both before I wanted to see the interaction of the two of them and wow was it hot. Although they did not do anal with each other or me, I know they both do and would have been hot to watch them but the passion was there and not sure when we came up for air. Cum was flying and hands were going everywhere, mouths were locked together and organs were being salivated. They made a great team and I am sure would satisfy anyone looking for a nice three-way.

In addition to their fun in the bedroom, the shower, the tub they both were great dinner companions and complemented each other it was a new experience for me being pampered and taken care of by two cute hot escorts. I look for some new alliance to form between these guys and work together more often. There is not a doubt I like them both individually as I have been with them each separately about 4 or 5 times over the years. It was the experience of the double that I wanted to review today. I can say with all their interaction I never felt left out with these hot guys. Another notch has been added to the headboard in the doubles arena.

The both make heads turn when they go out. WOW! I spent a few extra hours with Adrian and we went to see Barry Manilow the next evening wonderful new show in Vegas. If your looking for that little extra excitement in your life get these two guys they did and will make it special.


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You: I am a 52 year old gay man who loves to be spoiled by and be in the company of young cute guys. I could stand to loose some weight but was glad that they both did not let that stand in their way. They are both a cut above. HUGS to all.