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Indian Hot Springs of Idaho Springs

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Review #1 - 02/20/2019
  • 02/2019
  • Idaho Springs
  • 1 Hour
  • 24
  • Recommended
  • Yes
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  • Indian Hot Springs is a natural geothermal hot springs located about a half-hour west of Denver in the town of Idaho Springs. There are a bit of different experiences that you can have including a large public swimming pool hot spring, some clothing optional geothermal caves, a mud bath or your own private outdoor or indoor baths. I took a regular of mine to the indoor bath to relax and have a good time.

    Overall it was a great experience. The indoor baths are truly private. We didn't hear a single thing in our bath except each other. The bath contains a shower, a changing area with a bench and a decently large bath filled with hot spring water at about 106° with plenty of healthful minerals.

    The rooms are a bit rustic and rusty with mineral stains and low ceilings, so definitely not a luxury experience. But they are a nice, private place to have some fun and relax in some hot water.

    Plus it's reasonably priced for an hour ($22-24 depending on what day of the week you go) and you can add $10 to spend more time in either the big public hot springs pool or the clothing-optional single-sex geothermal caves (recommended for obvious reasons). They also have outdoor jacuzzi-style hot spring pools, but not sure if they are quite as private as the indoor ones so maybe not the best option if you're thinking of making it a more romantic experience.

    The establishment recommends reserving both the private baths and jacuzzis in advance. I reserved mine on Friday for Sunday and the venue had plenty of availability.

    Just a quick note that Indian Hot Springs is not an exclusively LGBTQ business though it is very welcoming of the community. Certainly nobody questioned two men using the private bath.

    The caves are also single-sex and you must be over-16 to use them so it's very popular with the gay male community in Denver. But while you can look at the nude men, probably should not touch in the caves...it's definitely not a bathhouse-type cruising environment.

    And certainly the main public hot springs is family friendly and requires both a bathing suit and G-rated behavior.

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  • 30s professional who enjoys spending time with handsome men.