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Jake Piper

Greensville - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo


Los Angeles - 1st Review


Ryan Thick

Los Angeles - 19th Review


Ryan Steel

Los Angeles - 2nd & 3rd Review



New York City - 7th Review



Las Vegas - 8th Review


Ryan Taylor

Toronto - 8th Review



New York City - 32nd Review


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December 17th, 2014

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Coverboy Jake Piper - Greenville

Jake Piper - Greenville



Address BookEscort Of The Year 2014

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — Just a few more weeks and we will have made it through 2014. It's been a rough year of many of us, and to all of you I wish the very best in 2015. Once again it's time to vote for your special men.

I would be most grateful if you'd take a few moments and vote for the Escort of the Year.

You can either send me an email to Daddy@DaddysReviews.com or if you prefer you can login to the Forum and look for the "Escort Of The Year 2014" thread in "The Deli."

Either way I'm looking for the names of the top three escorts on your short list and a brief reason why they made it onto your list. You can list more than three but I'll only look at the first three and the order you list them in is important, so your favorite should be at the top.

If your one of our MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) posters or you vote multiple times, you'll be cast into the special mailbox of shame never to find out that your vote didn't count. Yes, voting via email and in the Message Forum counts as a duplicate.

Ballot box stuffing is routinely detected and those entries are removed with prejudice. Grandstanding, Flaming, and Hijacking will get a Raspberry. Haters will be expelled by the grinch until next year.

My very best to each and every one of you!


Randall WinstonProducer Randall Winston on Diversity in TV

By Robert Gagnier

Hollywood — TBS's second season of Ground Floor has 10 new 'diversity hires,' and the show's openly gay producer discusses what it means for the future of television. (More)

First same-sex couples marry in Scotland as new marriage law takes effect

By Dan Littauer

Melbourne, Australia — The first Scottish same-sex couple has legally married after the country's historic marriage equality legislation came into effect on Tuesday. (More)

Gay Star News

Michael MartinInspired by Robbie Rogers, high school soccer star comes out at homecoming

By Greg Hernandez

Innwood, VI — Michael Martin: 'If I can come out in a small town in West Virginia and be accepted, and dance with the homecoming king, it shows things are changing' (More)

Cases of Most Common STD Fell for First Time in 30 Years

By Mike Stobbe (AP)

Atlanta, GA — For the first time in three decades, the nation's most common sexually transmitted disease is a little less common. (More)


Tom Ford's Penis NecklaceIn The Spirit Of Giving, Christians Help Tom Ford Sell Penis Necklaces

By Winston Gieseke

Cyberspace — As anyone who's ever taken a marketing class can tell you, the quickest and cheapest way to sell a product is to get the attention of religious folks. (More)

Texas Teen With Gay Parents Give Heartwarming Marriage Equality Speech

By Eric Shorey

Austin, TX — There's usually something endlessly irksome about precocious and inordinately eloquent kids, but for some reason I'm not even a little bit annoyed at cool teen Mason Marriott-Voss. (More)

365 Gay

Tori JohnsonGay Hero of Sydney Siege Wrestled With Gunman

By Thom Senzee

Sydney, Australia — Although they note that Tori Johnson is survived by a 'partner,' few mainstream media reports mention that he was a gay man who gave his life for others during a hostage situation in Sydney. (More)