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Tony Serrano

New York City - 11th Review



Los Angeles - 20th Review

New Review w/Photo


London - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo


Washington D.C. - 1st Review


Pr Miguel

New York City - 21st Review



New York City - 9th Review


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April 29th, 2016

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Coverboy Tony Serrano - New York City

Tony Serrano - New York City


"Double Trouble" At The Helios This Weekend

By Daddy

Palm Springs, CA — Just to brighten the Palm Springs Message Forum Event the Helios Men's Resort will having one of their world famous parties hosted by our very own Ace Banner and Tyler Saint.

The "Double Trouble"party will be on Saturday April 30 from 9PM-2AM with a $20 charge at the door. On Sunday the "Double Trouble" continues with a Pool Party starting at 10am until 5pm with a $10 cover. (More)

Joseph Gordon Levitt - Snowden Out.com

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zachary Quinto in First ?Snowden? Trailer

By Staff

Hollywood — Following in the footsteps of Spotlight and other dramas steeped in very recent events, Snowden tells the story of none other than Edward Snowden, the man who blew the whistle on the extent of the NSA's surveillance of the American people. (More)

Pair of Gay vultures decide to adopt an abandoned egg

By Staff

Germany — We haven?t given a great deal of thought to Gay vultures up until this very minute, when we read a report about a pair of gay vultures living in a German zoo, who have not only adopted an egg abandoned by its mother but have started to incubate it inside their nest. (More)

Dan Savage - Hump

Dan Savage Takes HUMP! On the Road

By Robert Nesti

Cyberspace — If sex columnist and political commentator Dan Savage hasn't enough to do, he's spending his spring traveling the country with the HUMP! Festival. (More)


Are Gay Men More Masculine Than Straight Men?

By Sean Mandell

Cyberspace — Greg of ASAPScience has created a new video on ASAPThought's YouTube channel that asks what might seem like a surprising if not controversial question: are Gay men more masculine than straight men? (More)

Ben Hardy - Judas Kiss

X-Men Star Ben Hardy Goes Full-Frontal In The Play 'Judas Kiss'

By Staff

Cyberspace — Several revealing images of British actor Ben Hardy, who is set to star in X-Men: Apocalypse, have surfaced online after he appeared naked in The Judas Kiss, a play about Oscar Wilde and his lover. (More)

Four of the best LGBTI short films of the last decade with Digital Pride

By Tris Reid-Smith

Cyberspace — We are making four of the best LGBTI short films of the last decade available for free for you to watch as part of Digital Pride. (More)

Lue Ryan-Schreiber queerty.com

Six Yale Athletes Come Out Together To Change The Game For Homophobia In Sports

By Dan Tracer

New Haven, CT — We often commend the bravery of college athletes choosing to come out publicly, noting that the spotlight they sometimes-awkwardly receive does wonders for their fellow students as well as the next generation of athletes, Gay and Straight. So with the news that six athletes at Yale have decided to come out together and form a support group for LGBTQ athletes on campus, those commendations go double. (More)