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Jake Crawford

Orlando - 1st Review


Blue Collar Joe

Hollywood - New Photo



London - 2nd Review


Jonathan Vargas

New York City - 14th Review


Giovanni Volta

Atlanta - 18th Review


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March 31st, 2015

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Coverboy Jake Crawford - Orlando

Jake Crawford - Orlando


Trevor van Uden Out.com

'Blonde on Blonde' by Joseph Lally

By Staff

Fire Island, NY — Introducing model Trevor van Uden, "Blonde on Blonde" takes inspiration from Lally's new novel, The Infrared Summer, a dark coming-of-age story set in '90s Miami. (More)

Out Army Veteran Named Chair Of West Point Board of Visitors

By Staff

West Point, NY — Brenda Sue Fultonand Penny Gneslin, were the first same-sex couple to marry in the U.S. Military Academy Cadet Chapel in 2012. Fulton has been named chair of the West Point Board of Visitors. (More)

Seymour Bernstein

Ethan Hawke's Magical Friendship Became Acclaimed Documentary

By Frank J. Avella

Hollywood — Actor Ethan Hawke sets out to illuminate filmgoers on who this fascinating 87-year-old man is and why he chose to leave his profession and devote his life to teaching (More)

Gay Star News

Mothers Of Trans Kids Take On Selfie Campaign

By Joe Morgan

Cyberspace — Mothers of trans kids are taking on 'ridiculous' bathroom bills by vowing to pee in men's toilets. (More)

James Bond - Spectre

James Bond Has a Secret

By Snicks

Hollywood — It's the usual cryptic Bond teaser, but what is this secret they're hinting at? Does James have a ... secret family? (More)


DOMA Is Back And Hurting Gay Couples

By Matt Baume

Cybespace — If you're straight and you need time off to care for a sick spouse, federal law requires that you get Family and Medical Leave. But if you're gay, you could get denied that right, depending on what state you live in. (More)

Alan Cumming 365 Gay

Alan Cumming Is Bisexual — And You Might Be Too

By Adam Sandel

Cyberspace — The award-winning actor of The Good Wife and Cabaret is always candid about his life, including in a new memoir. (More)