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Seattle - 1st Review


Dane Caroggio

San Francisco - New Phone


James West

London - 18th Review


Dane Scott

Palm Springs - 57th Review



New York City - 5th Review


Avi Dar

New York City - 3rd Review



New York City - 3rd Review


Aaron Mark

Las Vegas - 59th Review


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April 15th, 2014

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Coverboy Casey - Seattle

Casey - Seattle



Joe Dallesandro - Andy Warhol's TrashThe 10 Gayest Movies Ever Made!

By Michael Musto

Cyberspace — The reason these works were so gay is that even if they only included quick images or coded references, they were revolutionary at the time, moving things well into the future with their groundbreaking sexuality. (More)

Cab drivers quit over promotional ads for Cleveland's Gay Games

By Outlook Ohio

Cleveland, OH — More than a dozen taxi drivers are dropping out of a dedicated cab service at Cleveland's airport because they don't want to drive vehicles with signs promoting the upcoming Gay Games. (More)

Tom of Finland StampFinland's New Homoerotic Stamps

By Jason St. Amand

Fineland — You've never seen stamps like this. Finland revealed its new homoerotic stamps, which celebrates artist Tom of Finland. And they are amazing. (More)

Malta passes civil unions for Gay couples, celebrations start

By Joe Morgan

Malta — Three years ago Malta legalized divorce, and now same-sex couples will have the same legal rights as married straight unions (More)


Burning Blue CoverFilm Of Gay Romantic Drama "Burning Blue" Is Finally Being Released

By Graham Gremore

Hollywood — Burning Blue, a romantic drama which tells the story of two Navy fighter pilots who fall in love while living under Don't Ask Don't Tell, will be released select U.S. theaters and on VOD on June 6. (More)


US Airways Posts Porn on Twitter

By Rhett Pardon

Tempe, AZ — Without rhyme or reason, US Airways today retweeted the complaint of a woman who had a bad flight along with an accompanying photo of a woman pleasuring herself with a model of a Boeing 777. (More)

365 Gay

Neveda Republication Party Chairman Michael J. McDonaldNevada Republican Party Drops Opposition to Marriage Equality

By Trudy Ring

Las Vegas, NV — With little debate, the state party adopted a platform without language opposing same-sex marriage. (More)