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New York City - 8th Review

New Review w/Photo

Tyler #3

New York City - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo


Washington D.C. - 1st Review


Adam Simply

New York City - 69th Review


Tryp Bates

New York City - 4th Review


Patrick Michaels

London - 12th Review


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October 13th, 2015

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Coverboy Alexander - New York City

Alexander - New York City


Michael Feinstein — 54 Below Out.com

Michael Feinstein on 54 Below

By Michael Feinstein

Hollywood — One of the top proponents of the American Songbook, Michael Feinstein has long applied his creamy vocals to standards, both in concert halls and at his own clubs. (More)

Jack Black reveals he lost his big brother to AIDS

By Staff

Hollywood — "I have two gay siblings: my big sister, Rachel, and my big brother, Howard. He was a big influence on me..." (More)

Ben Whishaw — Baffled TowelRoad.com

Out Actor Ben Whishaw "Baffled" By Debate Over "Gay Vs Straight" Casting

By Michael Fitzgerald

Hollywood — "With Gay characters being played by Straight people, Straight characters being played by Gay people, come on, we're actors. I do not understand what the problem is. Actors play all sorts of things..." (More)

British Study Shows Majority of Gay and Bi Men Abandoning Condoms

By Staff

Cyberspace — Are Gay and Bi men giving up on safe sex? According to a new study, they may be. A recent survey on sex and relationships conducted by British publication FS Magazine showed that of the 3,100 men who were asked, a whopping 72 percent didn't use a condom the last time they had anal sex. (More)

Nathan Peterson — AHS:Hotel Gay Star News

Actor Developed "man Crush" On Matt Bomer While Filming Naked Scene On AHS: Hotel

By Greg Hernandez

Hollywood — Nathan Peterson tells Gay Star News: "He's so cool, so sweet and down to Earth. Really personable" (More)


Five Fun Facts About Martin Shkreil And The Daraprim Drama

By Dan Renzi

Cyberspace — Martin Shkreli, the smugly smiling entrepreneur whose absence of conscience would make Ayn Rand proud, made the drug Daraprim famous by engaging in pharmaceutical price gouging. But it isn?t as simple as one little punk trying to screw over the insurance industry (and, therefore, every (More)

Greg Louganis — Never On Wheaties 365 Gay

The Greatest Athletes Who Never Got a Wheaties Box

By Staff

Cyberspace — The Breakfast of (Some) Champions Two-time Olympic Gold medal diver Greg Louganis is the only man in Olympic history to sweep the springboard and platform diving events in consecutive Olympic Games. (More)