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New York City - 2nd Review

New Review w/Photo


London - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo

Remi Soileau

New Orleans - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo

Rafael Carreras

New York City - 1st Review



Dallas - 2nd Review



Las Vegas - 5th Review


Chase Matthews

Chicago - 5th Review

Dual Review

Dave & David

Washington D.C. - 1st Review


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April 24th, 2015

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Coverboy Tae - New York City

Tae - New York City


Robin Williams' Boulevard Out.com

Robin Williams' Final Film to Have Summer Release

By Jerry Portwood

Hollywood — Boulevard tells the story of a married man who falls in love with a male prostitute and struggles with coming out late in life. (More)

North Carolina House speaker: No action on "religious freedom" bill this year

By Associated Press

Raleigh, NC — The leader of the North Carolina House says his chamber won't debate a "religious freedom" bill this year that supporters promoted as protecting religious liberties but others criticized as legalizing discrimination against LGBT individuals. (More)


Dallas Gayborhood to Get Male Version of a Hooters

By Jason St. Amand

Dallas, TX — It looks like Dallas' gay neighborhood Oak Lawn will soon get a new restaurant called Tallywackers, which has been billed as the male version of Hooters where half-naked men will take patrons' pizza orders. (More)

Gay Star News

Buddhist, Jewish Americans are biggest supporters of Gay marriage

By Darren Wee

United States — Some 84% of Buddhists and 77% of Jews support gay marriage, as well as 77% of the religiously unaffiliated and 75% of Americans who selected 'other religion' also support gay marriage. (More)

Khyle Dean Masse as Kevin - Nashville

"Nashville" Recap: Boyfriend Material?

By Snicks

Hollywood — Kevin and Will have been in bed for the last four days, but the outside world beckons, and Will insists on putting his pants on. (More)


Guys Across The World Are Stripping Naked, Tucking Their Junk And Posting Pics

By Graham Gremore

Cyberspace — Men all around the world have begun tucking their knobs between their thighs and snapping selfies then posting them to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #mangina (More)

Jacob Lescenskli 365 Gay

Gay High-Schooler Gets Date for Prom — With Straight Best Friend

By Trudy Ring

Las Vegas, NV — While some of us remember not being able to take a same-sex date to prom or not getting a date at all, one Gay Las Vegas teen will have better memories — his straight, male best friend has asked him to be his date. (More)