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Adam Michaels

Orlando - 76th Review


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San Francisco - New Photo

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November 25th, 2014

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Coverboy Adam Michaels - Orlando

Adam Michaels - Orlando



Matthew GoodeMatthew Goode: Benedict Cumberbatch Didn't Need to Have Gay Sex on Film

By Out.com Editors

Hollywood — The Good Wife and Imitation Game star Matthew Goode explains why Benedict Cumberbatch didn't need to have a gay sex scene in The Imitation Game. (More)

Austin police department has its first openly transgender officer

By Staff

Austin, TX — The city of Austin, Texas, now has it's first openly transgender police officer. KXAN-TV reports that officer Greg Abbink has been on the police force for ten years, but it wasn't until this year that he says he began transitioning. (More)

Play - 'Identity Crisis'Identity Crisis

By Kilian Malloy

Roxbury, MA — Peter Snoad's new play "Identity Crisis" does what plays of this sort ought to do, and does it with flair: It tackles thorny social questions and disarms them not only with humor, but with precise and devastating wit. (More)

Gay Star News

Nashville wins bid to host the 2016 Bingham Cup world cup of Gay rugby

By Andrew Potts

Nashville, TN — The Nashville Grizzlies will host the world cup of Gay rugby in May of 2016 after the member teams of International Gay Rugby voted on which team should host the next competition (More)

Bryce Johnson - SantaTheBacklot's Guide to Gay-Inclusive Holiday Entertainments

By Brian Juergens

Hollywood — It's that time of year again when the forces of nostalgia, SADs and a preponderance of sparkly holiday-themed entertainments converge to wreak havoc on our heartstrings. (More)


The Way He Looks — Best Gay Teen Romance Movie Ever?

By Jenni Olson

Hollywood — It's been winning awards and acclaim everywhere - and it's now playing in theaters across the country. Is Daniel Ribeiro's new Brazilian gay teen drama The Way He Looks the best gay teen romance ever? (More)

365 Gay

Jack AndrakaHow Gay Genius Alan Turing Got Me Through Middle School

By Jack Andraka

Opinion — In a field dominated by heterosexual giants, science is a lonely discipline for a gay teenager. (More)