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Leon Kennedy

Orlando - 1st Review


Julian Scott

Los Angeles - 6th Review



New York City - 11th Review



Atlanta - 97th Review


Drew Sumrok

New York City - 7th Review



New York City - 2nd Review


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May 6th, 2015

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Coverboy Leon Kennedy - Orlando

Leon Kennedy - Orlando


The Sexy Frenchies of Saint Laurent Out.com

The Sexy Frenchies of Saint Laurent

By R. Kurt Osenlund

Hollywood — In Saint Laurent, director Bertrand Bonello keenly illustrates his subject's masterful way with clothing, such as when the designer makes over a woman's whole look and mood with the subtlest of details (tousled hair plus new belt equals a new woman). (More)

Gay teacher ousted from Catholic school gets new job

By Associated Press

Omaha, NE — A Gay teacher whose Omaha Catholic school contract is not being renewed has found a new job. (More)

Sarah Jessica Parker and Andy Cohen

The Beautiful and Batsh*t Fashions of Last Night?s Met Gala

By Editors

New York City, NY — Cher, Madonna, George Clooney, Lady Gaga, NPH, Justin Bieber, a passel of Kardashians? it seems like everyone who is anyone attended the Costume Institute Gala (a.k.a. the Met Gala) last night. (More)

Indiana City to Look at Adding LGBT Protections

By Associated Press

Elkhart, IL — A proposed ordinance change in Elkhart would add protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. (More)

Michelangelo Signorile queerty.com

Five Words Of Wisdom From The Man Who Gave Us Outing

By John Gallagher

Cyberspace — Michelangelo Signorile burst onto the scene more than 25 years ago, and the intervening years have done nothing to diminish his fire. (More)

Gay Star News

Oxford English Dictionary considers including gender-neutral honorific

By Stefanie Gerdis

Oxford, UK — Mx is already used by government departments, councils and universities throughout the UK (More)

Steven and Rick Simone-Friedland 365 Gay

Meet the Same-Sex Couple Who Made Dodger Stadium Swoon

By Sunnivie Brycum

Las Angeles, CA — Husbands Steven and Rick Simone-Friedland shared a sweet kiss at Dodger Stadium on Saturday. What happened next was totally unexpected. (More)