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Anthony Starr

Orlando - 2nd Review


Killian James

New York City - 15th Review


Marc Giacomo

New York City - 5th Review



Los Angeles - 3rd Review


Alex & Ryan

Los Angeles - 15th Review


Lance Eastman

Raleigh - 3rd Review



Dallas - 2nd Review



Fort Lauderdale - 5th Review


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April 24th, 2014

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Coverboy Anthony Starr - Orlando

Anthony Starr - Orlando



Short StoriesShort Stories

By Out.com Editors

Cyberspace — "The short-pant is a terrible fashion choice," Winston Churchill once said, clearly not anticipating that many decades later, American designer Thom Browne would turn the cropped suit into a summer staple. (More)

Judge denies request to postpone hearing in Oregon Gay marriage challenge

By Staff

Eugene, OR — A federal judge in Oregon said Tuesday he would not postpone a long-scheduled hearing challenging the state's same-sex marriage ban. (More)

Chris PrattChris Pratt Enters a New 'Galaxy'

By Jake Coyle

Hollywood — After Chris Pratt tweeted a shirtless photo of himself to flaunt the shape he had gotten into for "Zero Dark Thirty," he received, he says, a "giant ball of criticism" from his friends. (More)

Gay Star News

Gay couple arrested, fined for kissing in Mexico

By Joe Morgan

La Paz, Mexico — Mexican cops abused a gay couple, bundled them into a police van and fined them – just for sharing a kiss. (More)

HannibalBryan Fuller Breaks Down The Homoerotic Charge of "Hannibal"

By Jim Halterman

Hollywood — If there's one thing that's true in the television landscape, the worlds created by Bryan Fuller are never boring. (More)


Matt Bomer Reveals A Big Secret – He's Been Married For Years

By Jeremy Kinser

Hollywood — Perhaps playing a con man on White Collar has taught Matt Bomer how to keep things on the DL. (More)

365 Gay

FAwzia MirzaIndian Intersex Comedy Extends in Chicago

By The Advocate.com Editors

Chicago, IL — Brahman/i: A One-Hijra Stand Up Comedy Show, a provocative exploration of cultural and gender identity, adds an extra week of performances due to popular demand. (More)