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Greyson Lane

Raleigh - 2nd Review

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George Ce

Los Angeles - 1st Review



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Mitch Branson

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November 27th, 2014

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Coverboy Greyson Lane - Raleigh

Greyson Lane - Raleigh


Happy Thanksgiving

By Daddy

I'm thankful each and every day when I wake up and I can swing by legs over the edge and stand up. So you may think it strange of what I'm thankful for today.

"Splenda" because now I can put brown sugar splenda into the the "made from scratch pork and beans" that I'm fixing tonight. and the sugar free punkin pie that I found at the market today.. For someone with diabetes either one of these were unthinkable a couple decades ago and they make the holiday so much better.

But most of all I am so very thankful for all those that helped through the rough times that I experienced since last July. I have a basket of thank-you notes to send out as I have the time and stamina to get to them.

I'm planning to take today off, so we'll get back to the reviews next week. Have a wonderful day!


Robbbie Rogers - Comput Out To PlayRobbie Rogers Showers With Guys — Get Over It

By Jerry Portwood

Cyberspace — Always charming, the soccer player proves that gay men can be happy, healthy, and funny with his inspirational book, "Coming Out to Play." (More)

Detroit nurses challenging Michigan gay marriage ban adopt 4th child

By Associated Press

Hazel Park, MI — Two Detroit-area nurses who are challenging Michigan's ban on gay marriage are raising a fourth adopted child. (More)

Porn Again FrontPorn Again

By Christopher Verieger

Hollywood — What makes someone's life worthy of a memoir? It is a fair question, considering the multitude of titles in this genre that have topped the bestseller list. (More)

Gay Star News

You have to see what this Gay politician gave the Pope as an early Christmas present

By Joe Morgan

Strasbourg, France — The rainbow could be seen as a representing two main concepts: the gay rights movement and a 'blessing' from God. (More)

Flash Vs. ArrowBriefs: "Flash Vs. Arrow," "Black Friday Love Story," and We'll Meet Blaine's Mom on "Glee"

By Snick

Hollywood — Here's the promo for the Flash Vs. Arrow two-night event happening next week. I was hoping for Rip N Strip Wrestling, but this will have to do. (More)


Science Explains Why So Many Straight Dudes Fantasize About Having Gay Sex Together

By Graham Gremore

Portsmouth, England — We already know that straight guys are a lot more bisexual than people think. We also know that they secretly get off on watching gay porn. But we never knew exactly why. Until now. (More)

365 Gay

James "The Amazing" RandioMeet This Year's 'Prime Time 25'

By The Advocate.com Editors

Cyberspace — These 25 LGBT achievers over 65 are proving that a person can change the world at any age. (More)