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Atlantic City - 2nd Review


Aiden McGraw

Atlanta - 11th Review


Ryan Steel

New York City - 11th Review


Danny Cruz

Los Angeles - 22nd Review


December 8th, 2016

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Coverboy Keith - Atlantic City

Keith - Atlantic City


Josh Thomas - Please Like Me Out.com

By Season 4 of Please Like Me to Stream Exclusively on Hulu

Hollywood — Hulu has officially picked up the final season of the hit show Please Like Me—a charming, semi-autobiographical award-winning series about a boy, his dog and the parents, friends, and lovers who rely on him. (More)

Federal Court Rules Students Have Right To Form Gay-straight Alliance Club

By Associated Press

Leesburg, FA — A federal appeals court has ruled that students at a Florida middle school have the right to form a Gay-Straight alliance club. (More)

Roy Cooper - Governor O fNC

North Carolina Governor-elect Roy Cooper Calls For Repeal Of HB2

By Greg Hernandez

North Carolina — North Carolina Governor-Elect Roy Cooper is calling on the state’s legislature to repeal House Bill 2, the state’s sweeping anti-LGBTI measure. (More)


Paranormal Organization Claims Gay Men are Possessed by Female Ghosts

By Sean Mandell

Cybespace — According to a paranormal organization 85% of all Gay men aren’t really Gay, they’re just possessed by female ghosts that cause them to have attractions towards men. (More)

Charles-Lauren Marchand - Scruff Pics queerty.com

So Model Charles-Laurent Marchand’s Scruff Pics Are No Longer Private

By David Grant

Cyberspace — How much do you know about French model Charles-Laurent Marchand? Because you’re about to learn quite a bit about him. (More)


Auction of Shirley Temple Items Includes Childhood Tap Shoes

By Associated Press

Dallas, TX — Two pairs of tap shoes belonging to the child movie star Shirley Temple have sold at auction for $20,000. (More)

Freddy Krave - Very Secret Journal Advocate.com

Freddy Krave’s Very Special Secret Journal

By Christopher Harrity


Seems like Freddy Krave’s photos are now a seasonal tradition here at The Advocate. If you are not familiar with this talented photographer, his self-portraits, and his sexy friends, check these out. (More)