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Kerry Slate

Los Angeles - 9th Review


Benjamin Nicholas

Dallas - New Locale


Jim #2

New York City - 37th Review


Chris Wydeman

Chicago - 17th Review



Toronto - 2nd Review


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June 28th, 2016

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Coverboy Kerry Slate - Los Angeles

Kerry Slate - Los Angeles


Cheyenne Jackson - Tom Jones Meets Shirley Bassey Out.com

Cheyenne Jackson: I'm Tom Jones Meets Shirley Bassey

By Michael Musto

Hollywood — It's a real Renaissance for Cheyenne Jackson — that's the name of the actor/singer's new album featuring songs from his 'Music of the Mad Men Era' concerts spanning jazz, bolero, rockabilly and soul. (More)

Someone Wrote a Gay-Themed Brexit Erotica

By Staff

Cyberspace — Tingle, an Internet sensation best known for writing truly strange Gay erotic e-books that EDGE reported on back in 2015, goes international with "Pounded by the Pound: Turned Gay by the Socioeconomic Implications of Britain Leaving the European Union," a Gay erotica that turns Brexit into something weirdly sensual. (More)

Mexico Gay Pride - Pole Dancer

Viva Orgullo! See how Mexico City celebrated Pride

By Dawn Ennis

Mexico City, Mexico — Tens of thousands of people crowded Paseo de la Reforma — Reform Boulevard — in Mexico City Saturday to celebrate that metropolis's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community. (More)


Boxers or Briefs? Dog Lovers Drop Their Shorts and Spill

By Sean Mandell

Cyberspace — Host DanielXMiller recently went to a dog park in West Hollywood to learn what kind of drawers dog lovers prefer. (More)

Randy Harrison - Ready For Reboot

Queer As Folk actor discusses the possibilities of a reboot

By Lewis Peters

Hollywood — The groundbreaking US TV show 'Queer As Folk' — a remake of the late 90s UK show of the same name — aired for the first time 15 years ago. The controversial drama paved the way for shows such as Looking. (More)


Discovering New York's 'Gay Bars That Are Gone'

By Michael Ryan

New York City, NY — A piano bar turned Zagat-rated restaurant. An antebellum underground vault where Walt Whitman cross-dressed, now collapsed. An after-hours sex club, now a high-priced brunch spot. A two-floor dance club complete with onstage showers for the dancers, now a real estate office. (More)

Andril Bondarenko = Reading CQ.jpg queerty.com

You've Never Seen Someone Read A Magazine Like This

By Staff

Cyberspace — Nobody can accuse Cirque du Soleil's Andrii Bondarenko of being a couch potato. Even when he is in close proximity to his couch, doing something that seems as lazy as reading a magazine, he?s using every muscle we never had to do some absolutely absurd acrobatics. (More)