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Draven Navarro

Las Vegas - New Photo

New Review w/Photo


Washington D.C. - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo


Mexico City - 1st Review


October 18th, 2018

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Coverboy Draven Navarro of Las Vegas

Draven Navarro of Las Vegas


Release Me, Set Me Free

By Daddy

Las Vegas, NV — Mostly done with the editors changes for "Escorting From A Clients Prospective." They've asked for photos of some of the locations. Finding photos from the 80s that are either covered by Creative Commons license or that I can get releases for is being a chore!

Three weeks until the Midterm Elections. I've been looking at the candidates and the measures on my sample ballot. One of the things I'm taking into account is the negative ads that I'm seeing. If you're spending more time smearing than talking about what you're all about, I'm really not interested. I'm not voting by party, I'll voting by the person. We need to strongly support the changes we need in our government, if the LGBTQ community is to retain the hard fought rights that we've achieved over the decades.

Thank-you for your donations! We will get a commission for October but it will be only a couple hundred dollars. My reserves are at the 25% level and will be dropping next week. The current projection is that I'll be $500 short for November. Hopefully the Flirt4free commissions will pick up in November. Any help is welcome.

Garrett Glayton - Reach

'Reach,' Garrett Clayton's Indie LGBTQ Drama, Hits Theaters/VOD

By Staff

Hollywood — In the indie drama, out actor Garrett Clayton plays an awkward band geek who divulges to a pro-suicide support group that he's planning on killing himself. He's constantly picked on by former childhood friend and school bully (Jordan Doww), and his widowed father, for whom he harbors a deep resentment over his mother's passing. (More)


Four of Seattle’s Best Hidden Hotspots

By Staff

Seattle, WA — Seattle has always had a strong and independent community; it’s where major international corporations were born (from indie roots) and eventually become so successful that they’ve taken over the world (looking at you, Starbucks). (More)

Gay Star News RuPaul - You Better Vote

Rupaul Urges Americans To Register For Midterm Election: 'You better vote!'

By James Besanvalle

Cyberspace — Mama RuPaul ain’t taking no chances when it comes to trying to kick Republicans out of office. She took to Twitter last night (16 October) to post a video to urge people in the US to get out and register to vote. (More)


Canadians Watch Massive ‘Bud Drop’ at Midnight as Nation Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

By Staff

Canada — Torontonians watched the “bud drop” at midnight last night as Canada legalized recreational use of marijuana nationwide. (More)

queerty.com Jake Atlas - Into The Ring

Big Time Wrestler Jake Atlas Defied His Family By Jumping Out Of The Closet And Into The Ring

By David Reddish

Cyberspace — Mexican-American wrestler Atlas grew up watching pro wrestling with his folks. He spent his childhood in Mexico before coming to Los Angeles as a teen. (More)

“Looking” Star Murray Bartlett, Bob the Drag Queen, and More Join Netflix’s “Tales of the City”

By Christopher Rudolph

Hollywood — Netflix has announced more cast members for its upcoming revival series, Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City, based on the beloved book series. (More)

365 Gay Aussie Firemen - Puppies, Kitties, & Ducks

43 Aussie Firemen — and Puppies, Kitties, and Baby Ducks

By Christopher Harrity

Australia — Since 1993, firefighters from Australia’s Urban, Rural, Aviation, Armed Forces and Corporate fire-fighting services have been coming together to create the world’s most iconic calendar. (More)