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Danny Cruz

Los Angeles - New Photo



New York City - 7th Review


Riley Wynters

Atlanta - 2nd Review


Christian Gray

Las Vegas - New Phone


Jessie Sparkles

Seattle - 2nd Review


Rusty McMann

Las Vegas - 18th Review


Ray Dalton

Los Angeles - 15th Review


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October 6th, 2015

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Coverboy Danny Cruz - Los Angeles

Danny Cruz - Los Angeles


Tony Curtis & Laurence Olivier — Spartacus Out.com

Ten Movies Where the Gay Was Taken Out

By Michael Musto

Hollywood — This is turning out to be a smashing year for LGBT movies, which makes it a good time to sit back and reflect upon the periods when that wasn't necessarily the case. (More)

Transgender Student?s Bathroom Request Divides Nevada Lawmakers

By Sally Ho (AP)

Las Vegas, CA — A transgender student who wanted to use the boy?s bathroom and locker room at his school in Nevada has sparked a new round of debate among legislators over the issue. (More)

Bill & Rick with Kate

This Photographer Made It Her Mission To Chronicle The Long-Term Love Of Gay Couples

By Priscilla Frank

Cyberspace — Thirty years ago, Sage Sohier's photos aimed to dispel stereotypes about Gay love in the 1980s. (More)

California Governor Signs Hard-Won Right-To-Die Legislation

By Associated Press

Sacramento, CA — California will become the fifth state to allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives using doctor-prescribed drugs after Gov. Jerry Brown announced Monday he signed one of the most emotionally charged bills of the year. (More)

Anti Protester Sign queerty.com

The Best Way To Ridicule Homophobes Who Protest Pride Festivals

By Staff

Chester, England — We've all seen the haters gathered outside pride festivals with their ridiculous signs telling us we're going straight to hell. (More)

Gay Star News

Hillary Clinton Admits She Could Have Supported Gay Marriage Sooner In SNL Skit

By Darren Wee

Hollywood — In a double Clinton skit, the former secretary of state plays Val the bartender. (More)

Sam Smith — Writing On The Wall 365 Gay

Sam Smith Shakes, Stirs Charts With New Bond Theme

By Raffy Ermac

Hollywood — The music video for Sam Smith?s latest release — the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film Spectre, titled "Writing's on the Wall" — was just released this weekend, and with it came news that the single topped the song charts in the U.K. (More)