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Karsten Rasmus

Los Angeles - 2nd Review

New Review w/Photo

Gabriel McAndrews

Las Vegas - 1st Review

New Review w/Photo

Mark Tunnel

Palm Springs - 1st Review


Sexy Leon

New York City - New Photo & Verification



Las Vegas - 60th Review


Adam Simply

New York City - 52nd & 53rd Reviews



Dallas - 6th Review


Tyler The Badwolf

New York City - 6th Review


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April 21st, 2014

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Coverboy Karsten Rasmus - Los Angeles

Karsten Rasmus - Los Angeles



Derrick Gordon10 Queer Producers Making Waves In Hollywood

By Stacy Lambe

Hollywood — When it comes to Hollywood, it's easy to celebrate the success of out actors, such as Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres. (More)

Bike Shares: Riding Through the World's Greatest Cities

By Jill Gleeson

World-Wide — China does it. So do Israel, Argentina and most countries across Europe. Even the U.S. has stepped up to the plate. Bike sharing (More)

Is Rugby Just Camouflage For Closeted Gay Men?

By Ed Kennedy

Cyberspace — This video may be three years old, but it's new to me. Its thesis: that rugby makes the perfect camouflage for closeted gay men. (More)

Gay Christians? New book rattles, angers American evangelicals

By Brody Levesque

Cyberspace — A new book that debuts in print this week is already causing outrage and discordant reactions from right-wing American Christian conservatives, (More)

Gay Star News

Derrick GordonDerrick Gordon advises other Gay athletes not to wait

By Greg Hernandez

Amherst, MA — Don't wait until you're 35 or 40-years-old and done playing the sport that you love. Because it's stressful to live that way' (More)

365 Gay

South Carolina Town Fights Firing of Lesbian Police Chief

By Trudy Ring

Latta, SC — About 100 people showed up at a Town Council meeting Thursday in Latta, S.C., to protest the firing of the lesbian police chief by the mayor, who has a record of homophobic remarks. (More)


Bo RobertsBo Roberts Is Just Your Average Quirky Midwestern Underwear Model

By Underwear Expert

Cyberspace — Bo Roberts has been named the new face of N2N. This fun and quirky Midwest boy is the perfect fit for L.A.-based N2N, whose collections of underwear, swimwear, loungewear and more continue to impress and flatter. (More)