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January 1st, 2013

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Happy New Year!

By Daddy 1/1/2013

Yesterday was a interesting day. I don't think that I've ever witnessed such a extreme example of "Political Chicken." The bad news is that nobody blinked; The good news is that now they don't have a choice in the matter. Both parties are going to have to clean up the mess that they made.

Now as much as some of you are wanting to panic. Don't! The sun will come up tomorrow, the stock market will crash then recover, You'll continue to go to work or look for work, you'll eat, then tomorrow night you'll go to bed to sleep and dream of better times.

Know this, better times are coming, but not tomorrow. It'll take us at least as much time to climb back out of this deep hole that we've dug as it took to dig it. It's going to take a good number of people saying that: "This is far enough" before we can clean up our act. I think that we're that that point.

However, all politics aside let's move on to a much more interesting topic. About 85 posts in the "Who Floated your Boat in 2012?" thread, about 82 people contributing to the process, and 80 escorts under consideration. So, let's get the ball rolling...

2012 Escort of the Year!

Special Mention Hooboy's Avatar

As always to Hooboy who started this entire adventure. If you never had a chance to meet him, check out the remembrance page that we created for him. Or if you missed it, the remembrances on Christmas Day from Aaron Lawence and Benjamin Nicholas.

Barry, Cooper, & Deej, How would the Message Center survive without you? Even when Daddy messes it up, your around to keep thing running. We're still looking for a few good men but finding people with bullet proof skins can be difficult.

We pay our condolences to one of the best of our kids Erik Rhodes who we lost this year to a heart attack and to Maximum Escorts one of our best escort agencies in the world that finally succumbed to the financial times.

The Escort of the Year Alumni

This year we've had several of our previous Escorts of the year contribute to the process. Each of them bring unique and insightful input. The question that I asked them is slight different from what I asked in the Message Forum:

"If you would, Give me a list of up to three Escorts that did the best job of presenting themselves [to] the community and why. Second, who was the best "New Comer" this year?"

Here's a list of the people that got their attention:

The Newbie Votes

Every year we get a handful of what I call "Newbie" voters, that is people who's first post is for the "Escort of the Year" thread, or are an email vote from a unknown user. A lot of these votes are flawed (i.e. They only vote for one person or they don't give us the important "Why")

We embrace the "Newbies", we welcome them into the fold, and we encourage them to become a member of the group because they serve a useful purpose; they give us a view from outside. Here's how the "Newbies" voted:

Top of the List

Is there no better distinction that being "Number One?" Every person on this list is the very best in at least one person's book. If you land on this list, know that you've made it to the top. So without any more ado, here's this year's "Top of the List:"

Newcomer of the Year

Marc Dylan of San Francisco — When he started out he was a bit unsure of himself and it showed. But somehow along the way he relaxed and started showing us the friendly confident side of himself that he's able to project on camera.

"He's a very genuine, engaging, interacting individual who really enjoys being a professional escort. He can hold a conversation extremely well on a wide range of subjects, and know exactly how to make you feel at home no matter where you are. He is the quintessential Southern gentleman, just one who likes to have hot sex, does it well, and it shows."

2nd Runner Up

Nate Bruno of San Francisco, CA — When I first met Nate he was rather shy and did a good job of hiding in the background. He's definitely been working on that part of himself and having a lot of fun while doing it.

"When we actually met, I couldn't believe that such a kind, gentle, perceptive person had come into my life. Nate is truly a man's man. He is very masculine, very good looking, intellectual and so very nice. Nate has beautiful eyes, a lovely smile, gorgeous body, and an affectionate way about him that I have never seen in any other person I have known."

1st Runner Up

Andrew Justice of Peoria/Pekin, IL — What can we say? Andrew just keeps on getting better and better. With those eyes and that brilliant smile he mesmerizes us all.

"He kisses like a boyfriend and can stay hard and top with intense passion putting you in many positions to make sure you are satisfied. And, most importantly, he delights in pleasing you. He is a man of few words and most professional but will give you a lasting memory."

Escort Of The Year for 2012

Tristan Baldwin of Boston — Tristan is the man that perfectly willing to wrestle you to the ground and put you in a submission hold until you yell: "Uncle!" However, don't let this bad boy on the wrestling mat intimate you. The Important thing to know that once you drag him off the mat, you'll find that he's very much concerned in making your time together very comfortable and very special.

"Tristan is as friendly and genuine in person as he was in the "behind the scenes" videos I saw. He has an infectious smile, a great sense of humor and a killer body."


Regards, Daddy.