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Jason Michaels

Las Vegas - 8th Review



Washington D.C. - 15th Review

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Michael #2

San Francisco - 2nd Review


Kyle Vong

New York City - 17th Review



Portland - 45th Review


June 18th, 2012

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Coverboy Jason Michaels - Las Vegas

Jason Michaels - Las Vegas



Abercrombie Models Make 'Call Me Maybe' Video

By Alex Panisch

Cyberspace —Their jeans were fine but skin was showing. Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" has become the song of the summer and it's only midway through June. (More)

ENDA: Now, it's all about religion

By Lisa Keen

Washington, DC — Opposition to ENDA –the Employment Non-Discrimination Act– was all about the bathrooms in the last Congressional session. This time around, it's about religion. (More)

Defense Secretary Salutes Gays in Military

By Pauline Jelinek

Washington, DC — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Friday thanked gay and lesbian military members for their service, as the Pentagon prepares to mark June as gay pride month with an official salute. (More)

Online Relationships - Are You a Catfish?

By Dennis Ayers

Cyberspace — Remember 2010's Catfish? The documentary film followed the story of Nev Schulman who met what he thought was his dream girl on Facebook. (More)


Manwin Suit Over Cybersquatting, Defamation Expands

By Rhett Pardon

Los Angeles, CA — Manwin has expanded claims against a Georgia man who is said to have created a "massive, ongoing harassment campaign" against the adult entertainment conglomerate. (More)


Nice Jewish Boys Make The "Cut" In NYC

By Dan Avery

New York City, NY — We're quite a few months away from any major Jewish holidays, but that didn't stop He'bro, the social group for gay Jewish men and their friends, from hosting Cut, a Pride month party at New York nightclub Slate on June 2. (More)

365 Gay

What the JCPenney Dad Got for Father's Day

By The Advocate.com Editors

Cyberspace — He's the dad on the right. And what Cooper Smith says about the reaction his family's photo in a JCPenney catalog might surprise you. It surprised him. (More)