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Quinn V

Oakland - 2nd Review


Mr. Scott

Los Angeles - New Phone



New York City - 14th Review


Brian #7

New York City - 5th Review


Angelo Antonio

Boston - 4th Review


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Las Vegas - 13th Review


Lucas Young

New York City - 14th Review


June 8th, 2012

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Coverboy Quinn V - Oakland

Quinn V - Oakland


Day 5: Santa Maria to Lompoc

By Daddy

Lompoc, CA — The ride from Santa Maria to Lompoc is a restful 46 miles but filled with much needed frivolity for its "Red Dress Day" or as Chris from RideWithChris.org would say: "Dress in Red Day."

Frank from http://buddhadiaries.blogspot.com said: "Day 5 of AIDS/Lifecycle was a fun, fun day filled with people dressed in red and many in red dresses! I do not look good in a red dress so I tend to find red costumes that suite me. This year I chose a 'Where's Waldo' costume which was a hit."

"The ride has been going really well. The riders couldn't be more enthused about the ride and the cause," said Catherine Davie, associate director of marketing and communications for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center."

"There's a million things that are special about this ride, but one of the things that's the most incredible to me is to come here for a week and put that (HIV Positive) flag on my bike and be 'I'm positive,'" said Ronald Westcott the 47-year-old resident of Long Island, N.Y. who has been HIV positive for the past 18 years.


Neil Patrick Harris on the 'Colbert Report': Yes It's as Funny as It Sounds

By Alex Panisch

Hollywood — NPH and Colbert discuss child juggling, theater as an Olympic sport, and the threat of being a likeable gay man. (More)

Another federal court strikes DOMA

By Lisa Keen

New York City, NY —For the second time in a week, a federal court has declared the core section of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional. (More)

Bear Week Comes Early to Ptown

By Jason St. Amand

Provincetown, MA — It looks like Provincetown's annual bear week came a month early this year. (More)

Daddys Sez:: Those looking to attend P-Town's real bear week can do so from July 7-15.

Hot Men of Tennis 2012!

By Snicks

Cyberspace — It's a proven scientific fact* that tennis players are the hottest athletes in sports, and with the French Open in full swing, and Wimbledon right around the corner, it's time for our annual look at the men who provide the talent, skill, and yes, eye candy that keep us coming back. (More)


Colt Studio Group Relaunches Flagship Site

By John Sanford

Los Angeles, CA — COLT Studio Group has announced the official relaunch of its all-male adult membership site COLTstudiogroup.com. Designed and developed in partnership with Next Door Entertainment, the new site has undergone a complete redesign with new ground-breaking features. (More)


Clothing's Optional In Richmond Ham's "Cheeky" Commercial

By Dan Avery

Hollywood — Even our kosher and vegetarian friends might consider switching teams for a piece of Richmond ham, which apparently is so good and natural, folks are forgetting to get dressed in pursuit of it. (More)

365 Gay

Giant Survey Finds Unhappiness Pervasive Among Gay Youth

By Lucas Grindley

Cyberspace — An extensive survey of 10,000 kids finds that LGBT youth are much less happy than their straight classmates. Some 67% of straight kids described themselves as happy, but only 37% of LGBT kids could say the same, found the report from the Human Rights Campaign. (More)