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Eriss Rubio

Hollywood - 2nd Review


Bryan Knight

New York City - New Photo


AJ Irons

Orange County - 24th & 25th Reviews



New York City - New Photo



New York City - 3rd Review


Prince Nick

Los Angeles - 8th Review


Ian Reeves

Los Angeles - 2nd Review


May 23rd, 2012

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Coverboy Eriss Rubio - Hollywood

Eriss Rubio - Hollywood



Hot List 2012: Calvin & Craig Stowell

By Evan Lambert

Concord, NH — Two brothers took on the New Hampshire Legislature for marriage equality -- and won! (More)

NAACP: Marriage equality 'won't be a wedge issue'

By Lisa Keen

Baltimore, MD — Saying that the NAACP has "always stood against laws that demean, dehumanize, and discriminate against people," NAACP Board Chairman Roslyn Brock formally announced Monday (May 21) the board's vote in favor of a resolution supporting marriage equality. (More)

Boston Ballet closed out with "Fancy Free"

By Sue KAtz

Boston, MA — The Boston Ballet closed out their season with a triple-whammy program entitled "Fancy Free" at the Boston Opera House. (More)

Men With Big Sticks, Hottest Players in Baseball 2012

By Art Reker

Cyberspace — When it comes to the American Pastime, spring baseball can be a fresh start, or it can really hang you up the most. You can come on like a lion, or you can limp home, injured, like a sacrificial lamb. (More)


Hot House Unveils 'Craig Reynolds Collection'

By John Sanford

San Francisco, CA — The "Craig Reynold's Collection," featuring six scenes hand-selected by the Hot House exclusive himself, became available for wholesale distribution today through Pulse Distribution. (M ore)


Dan Savage Invites NOM's Brian Brown To Dinner (And Debate)

By Dan Avery

Cyberspace — Last month when Dan Savage told a group of high-school journalists that there was some "bullshit" in the Bible, it incensed National Organization for Marriage head Brian Brown, who invited Savage to debate the Good Book and marriage, "any time, any place." (More)

365 Gay

Will ExxonMobil Finally Protect its LGBT Workers?

By Michelle Garcia

Irving, TX — Shareholders and leaders of ExxonMobil, recently named to the top position on the Fortune 500, has continuously voted against introducing LGBT-inclusive antidiscrimination policies. Will that finally change this May? (More)