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Robert Van Damme

San Francisco - 6th Review



Los Angeles - 3rd Review

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Paris - 1st Review

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Los Angeles - 2nd Review


May 17th, 2012

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Coverboy Robert Van Damme - Los Angeles

Robert Van Damme - Los Angeles



Was Boxer Manny Pacquiao Misquoted?

By Diego James

Cyberspace — The WBO welterweight champion denies he made the antigay remarks that launched a campaign to end his endorsement deal with Nike. (More)

Loud clash over same-sex marriage: Where personal and political meet

By Lisa Keen

Washington, DC — Consider this: The front cover of Newsweek magazine on Monday May 14 carried a photograph of President Obama with the caption "The First Gay President." (More)

FDA Panel Backs First Rapid, Take Home HIV Test

By Matthew Perrone (AP)

Washington, DC — American consumers may soon be able to test themselves for the virus that causes AIDS in the privacy of their own homes... (More)

The 8 Hottest Brothers of Hot Celebrities

By Louis Virtel

Cyberspace — Most hot celebrities are freakish genetic flukes who relate only to other hot celebrities. That's a fact. But sometimes, very rarely, a hot celebrity will have a similarly hot (or hotter!) sibling whose attractiveness often goes under-appreciated. (More)


15 Porn Piracy Suits Dismissed Over Accuracy of Geolocation Tools

By Rhett Pardon

Los Angeles, CA — A federal judge has dismissed 15 porn BitTorrent suits against scores of John Does alleged to have shared Lethal Hardcore movies, ruling that plaintiffs couldn't prove the accuracy of geolocation tools used to hunt down alleged infringers. (More)


Gay Couple Arrested On Atlantis Events Cruise Tell Their Side Of The Story

By Dennis TK and John

Cyberspace — After being arrested, pleading guilty to indecent exposure, and being judged by the media and Internet, Mayer and Hart (above) reached out to Queerty to share their side of the story. (More)

365 Gay

Matthew McConaughey: No Shirt, No Problem

By Brandon Voss

Hollywood — Magic Mike's Matthew McConaughey strips down the gay community's early enthusiasm for the film, his own dirty dance number, and why he's always stood up for the underdog. (More)